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Megan Manning #KJlittlevictories

Megan Manning - Charity Vision

My name is Megan Manning. I work in various operations of an incredible non-profit organization called CharityVision. I’m a trail runner, traveler, and huge fan of Kortni Jeane and anything that helps women feel confident in themselves.
My boss is an incredible man. One of the best men I've met. To broadcast all he has taught me and given me would be undoable, so in this blog I'd like to highlight one of my favorite lessons from the CharityVision CEO, all-star dad, and most selfless friend, Doug Jackson:
There is something to celebrate in every day. There is something to celebrate in each failure and trial. There is something to celebrate in all people we meet.
Megan Manning Charity Vision Expedition
Megan Manning #KJlittlevictories quote
At CharityVision, we help empower doctors all over the world to reach and cure the blind in their country. There's no doubt that it's an incredible organization. Each day of work feels full of meaning and purpose. Finding this incredible career has to be one of my biggest victories in life. However, the difficulties involved are unique and very real. Different languages, cultures, and laws can be frustrating and hard to comprehend. I've found that patience and an optimistic attitude are critical. There have been many occasions where I have felt that I have failed or was not qualified for the task at hand.
I've always felt safe going to Doug with the most pressing issues in the workplace. The reason that I always go to him is because I know he will see the good in whatever is happening. He helps me see the victories in whatever is going on. His advice is always uplifting, motivating, and cultivating. This attitude and cheerfulness is contagious to everyone in the office. It has also spread across all aspects of my life and something I try to honor and practice daily.
Surrounding myself with people like Doug has helped me to see the victories in my day-to-day life. I have an incredible family and friends who I can't wait to tell about every detail of each of my days -- whether they be good days or bad days. I know that they will always help me feel good about myself and recognize the victories throughout the day.
Megan Manning #KJlittlevictories
Megan Manning #KJlittlevictories quote
What better gift can you offer a loved one than to point out their victories? If you have something good to say, say it! It could be something as simple as complimenting their clean room, encouraging them, making them laugh, or helping them say "yes" to something that scares them.
That being said, what better gift can you offer to yourself than pointing out your own victories? There's nothing wrong with talking to yourself like you would talk to a loved one. There's nothing wrong with sitting yourself down at the end of the day and feeling good about something you did. Some days the victories are significant and some days they are very simple. Regardless, I believe that we each deserve to be celebrated every day.
Megan Manning #KJlittlevictories
To anyone reading this, I celebrate you. You have something unique to offer that no one else does. Embrace it and celebrate it. Give yourself credit for your daily victories. The world is a better place because you are in it.
To learn more about why celebrating little victories means so much to Megan, watch her #KJlittlevictories interview on our blog. 
You can also follow along with Megan on Instagram @megster_roo9 and get excited for her to join us on our Kortni Jeane + Charity Vision trip to the Philippines this coming May!

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  • Ann Manning on

    I love this girl , her positive influence on everyone she meets , and her willingness to see the best in all of us ! The world is a better place in simple ways from her example ! ❤️ Kortni , you are inspiring !

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