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March Collaborations

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We love showing you all of the fabulous people we collaborate with! We work with gorgeous families matching in their Kortni Jeane suits, beach goers that make us all wish we were in tropical weather, and the most adorable mini's that warm our hearts! This month we got some incredible photos that we just can't help but share!

 Annie Papi collab

Annie Papi KJ post Annie Papi Collab

We collaborated with @anniepapi this month, a stylish mom of two girls. Even in sunny California, it was raining cats and dogs during the month of February! Annie and her kids braved the cold and wind to take these darling mother daughter photos that we just can't get enough of! Annie is sporting our new Oversized Ruffle top in Golden from The Fruity Collection with our Cascade bottoms in Grapefruit. We also sent our new Wrap-top rash guards for her darling girls to match while protecting their skin from the sun this coming spring and summer. Our rash guards paired with our mini Down In Front Ruffle bottoms in Ribbed Dusty Rose couldn't be any cuter on these two!


Boho collab

Little Boho Loves

Boho collab

We sent @littleboholoves off to Australia in matching mother daughter swimmers from our Four Seasons Collection. Our rainbow Double Ruffle one-piece couldn't look any better on Christina and we're sure the kids loved the rainbow paired with the poppin' pink! Christina's bright and colorful feed will make you smile and want to travel with your little ones! She gives her "five S's for surviving long flights with kids" in her Instagram post. You can read more about their experience in Australia and see more photos of our swimmers on her blog


Gentri Lee Collab

Gentri Lee quote

Gentri lee collab

@gentrilee's sunny photos have us swooning over here! Her authentic personality shines through in her post, and we couldn't agree more! We want you to be your best self and feel confident like never before in our swimmers! Gentri's photos from Tasmania have us all planning our next trip because who doesn't need more sun in the face and wind in their hair? Check out her blog to read more about her time in Tasmania and much much more!


xoxolovelindsay collab

xoxolovelindsay collab

xoxolovelindsay collab

@xolovelindsey, we couldn't have said it better ourselves! Her post about loving her mom bod and feeling good about herself is pure gold! She says it all when she says, "This @kortnijeane suit is one of those things I can put on my body and immediately feel like a queen in!!" Those words make our hearts happy over here because that's what we're all about. No matter where you are in life, you should be able to put on a swimsuit that makes you feel beautiful and confident because you ARE both of those things! 
Lindsey lives in Kauai, Hawaii right now with her two little kids, soaking up the joy of motherhood on their endless beach days. She's an incredibly inspiring mother with a heart of gold! You can read more on her blog and learn what took them to the dreamy island of Hawaii. 

Travel hack fam collab

Travel hack fam collab

Travel hack fam collab

If you're looking for adventure, check out @travelhackfam. They're currently traveling all over Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bali, and China sporting our Kortni Jeane swimmers! You can watch their videos on their Youtube channel to follow along in their adventures. We've been obsessed with their dreamy underwater photo, their family swimmer photo overlooking Singapore from Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and their family rocking their KJ swimmers in Thailand with elephants. They've had some incredible adventures and they have many more to come! 



Hannah photography collab

Hannah Bjorndal

Hannah photography collab

Last but not least, our collaboration with photographer @hannahbjorndal did not disappoint! Hannah is an incredible destination wedding photographer. She took our swimmers to Zota Beach Resort in Florida to shoot some photos of this gorgeous couple. She also sported our classic black swimsuits with all the style we love by adding accessories to bring her own personal flare to our swimmers. We're so happy to have found her and to support her search for the perfect swimsuit! You'll be seeing these photos around!
We love our collaborators! They remind us what Kortni Jeane is all about - feeling confident in your own skin and putting on a swimsuit no matter where you're at in life. Interested in collaborating? Email and we'll see if you make a good fit!
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