January 2018 Collaborators & Influencers

January 2018 Collaborators & Influencers - Kortni Jeane
Every month we feature REAL people in our swimmers. As much as we love styling our new looks in photoshoots, we love it even more when we see how you guys show them off! This month our influencers and collaborators made their Kortni Jeane swimsuits uniquely their own. These girls prove that even in winter it's swimmer season!
Rachelle Valenzuela//@rachellella

Mackenzie Price//@mackenziesprice

Bri Dietz//@bri.dietz

Want to be a collaborator with Kortni Jeane? We want to see YOU in our high-waisted swimsuits! Contact us at collabs@kortnijeane.com
Kortni Jeane + Team


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