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Silversmithing with Shelby - Kortni Jeane

Hello! My name is Shelby and I am on the Customer Service Team here at Kortni Jeane! I love being creative and have always enjoyed learning new things! My good friend Matt James started a Silversmith Workshop Studio (@the.gemstudio) where you can book lessons to learn how to silversmith and make rings, necklaces, bolo ties, and other jewelry. I love jewelry, especially rings, so when he told me about this I knew that it was something that I had to try!

I made my first ring this summer and that’s when I fell absolutely in love with silversmithing. Each ring comes out completely different and unique! Every ring can be different and personalized to you + that’s one of the many reasons I have grown to love silversmithing!


The first step in making a ring is to pick out the type of stone that you want - there are TONS of options to choose from! Stones and gems range in sizes, shapes, and colors. After you pick out your stone, you’ll pick out the type of metal that you want for your band. There is silver, copper, and brass to choose from, along with different types of bands and borders for your ring. See what I mean about being able to personalize everything? I love it!

Throughout the making of your ring you take the border and the plate that the ring will fit in and use a torch to mold them together. You’ll check your ring size and then pick out the band you want and mold that to the bottom of the plate. Once you finish the molding of the ring, you can go through and smooth all of the edges of the ring. 

Last but not least, you set your gem in and voilá! Your ring is finished! It is such a fun way to be creative and there is something so satisfying about making something for yourself!

Thank you for tuning in + learning more about something that I love to do: silversmithing.


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  • Eric Hull on

    Currently Matt James (@mat.gems) is publicly posting on his Instagram account about committing fraud to become a Ugandan citizen. He is stealing a Ugandan’s identification to claim her as his mother to gain citizenship. Using his white privilege is disgusting.

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