Let's Get Lippy!

Let's Get Lippy! - Kortni Jeane
February is the month of LOVE and what better way to prepare than with moisturized lips? We've got your back here at KJ and curated a list of our team's all time favorite lip balms to help YOU prepare for Valentine's Day the KJ way. Throw in some Netflix + a box of chocolate and you're set! 
Check out the video below too see our favs!
Video // Paige Mosman
Kortni, Owner + Creator
"Nu Skin's Sunright Lip Balm is my favorite because it has SPF that protects my lips during the summer (and winter) months in my swimmer!"
Taylor, Customer Service Team
"Baby Lips is my favorite because it has a super smooth texture and smells SO good."
Meg, Social Team
"One tube lasts me for months and it is more than just lip balm! I use it for dry skin, as cuticle cream, and everything else I can think of. It's the best!"
Marissa, Fulfillment Team
"Carmex gets the job done! It has a great applicator, goes on smooth, and lasts me all day."
Paige, Social Team
"I love this chapstick because it keeps my lips moisturized for HOURS and doesn't irritate my lips or skin at all. I have used it for as long as I can remember!"
Krista, Customer Service Team
"Vaseline lasts me forever and I can use it for more than just my chapped lips!"
Jentry, Fulfillment Team
"Baby Lips Crystal Kiss smells SO good and doesn't go on too thick. It's my absolute favorite!"
Isabel, Social Team Intern
"I love this lip balm because it makes it feel like summer all year long and I rarely have to reapply it."
Rebecca, Manager
"I love the KJ Lip Balm because it is so unique with it's pineapple shaped packaging (which is to die for) but also makes it easy to find. I also love how smooth it goes on and the pineapple scent makes it my everyday go to lip balm!"
Shelby, Customer Service Team
"Mango Burt's Bees Lip Balm goes on super soft and creamy. It instantly cures my chapped lips and smells SO good!"
Heather, Fulfillment Team
"I love EOS Strawberry Sorbet because the application is easy and it tastes yummy. What's not to love about it?"
Kristen, Social Team
"The reason I love Burt's Bees Pomegranate is because it goes on smooth and gives my lips a little tint of pink. It's a lip balm and lipstick all in one!"
Kasey, Customer Service Team
"It not only moisturizes my lips, but it also gives a bit of a glossy shine for the days that I want to have more of a natural lip and forgo the lipstick!"
Madi, Fulfillment Team
"EOS Sweet Mint is impossible to lose unlike other chapsticks which is definitely a plus. I love the mint flavor too!"
What is YOUR favorite lip balm? Let us know in the comments below!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Kortni + Team





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