We Put Our Stain Stick to the Test ✨

We Put Our Stain Stick to the Test ✨ - Kortni Jeane
stain stick test
You all know more than anyone that swimmers are meant to be played in! But what about those times when you accidentally get a streak of deodorant on your swimmer? Or when your kiddos spill their summer popsicles and stain their swimmers? Or when there’s staining on your bottoms that comes from natural wear? We can all relate! We all want our swimmers to last longer and look better, but how?! Well, we went to work to find a solution, so you can have some worry-free fun!
For over a year we have been perfecting the formula for a stain remover that is gentle enough to use on your swimmer yet effective enough against those hard to remove stains. We couldn't be more excited about our KJ Stain Stick! It’s hand held, portable, easy to use, and travel friendly. Keep your swimmers looking brand new with your very own stain stick!
how to:
Take a look at this video that walks you through the steps of using our new Stain Stick:
Here are the steps you’ll need to know:
1. After swimming (preferably as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get the stains out), rinse your swimmer in lukewarm water.
2. Generously apply + lather KJ Stain Stick on stained area.
3. Gently scrub in solution with hands or a wet rag to work in the soap.
4. Let sit for 10-15 minutes with soap solution still on.
5. For tougher stains, soak in warm water overnight.
6. Check stains and reapply stain stick solution if needed, repeating all steps until stains are gone.
7. Rinse by hand
8. Hang to dry (the dry machine is your swimmers worst enemy)

Stain stick test

After putting the stain stick to the test as a team, we discovered that only the mustard and self tanner weren't completely removed from the fabric! Each of us received a pair of swimsuit bottoms that had 9 different stains on them including Kool Aid, Lip + Cheek, mustard, sunscreen, self tanner, soda (Coke), dirt, foundation, and deodorant. It was then up to us to get every stain out as best as possible by only using our KJ stain stick and water. And guess what!? We were blown away by the results! After trial and error with all of our stain removing skills, we found that our stain stick successfully removes the following stains:
stain stick removes these stains
So what’s in this magical formula? We know you like to know what’s in your products and we totally get that! The greatest part is that the solution is all natural. No harmful chemicals here! You can use the KJ Stain Stick worry free around yourself and your kiddos.
stain stick ingredients
all natural wash and stain stick
Are you as surprised as we are? Some of these are really tough stains! It's a relief to know that it's as simple as having a stain stick and water on hand! You can finally make your swimmers last longer and look better with our stain stick solution. We are so excited to share this formula with you and hope you snag one quick! You and your swimmers deserve it. Do you have more tricks to keep your swimmers looking fresh and new? Let us know in the comments below.
Kortni Jeane + Team


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