Our Team's Favorite Rom-Coms

Our Team's Favorite Rom-Coms - Kortni Jeane
Team Favorite Rom-Coms
Hey friends! It’s almost February and we’re feeling like having a movie night. Needless to say, February gives us the perfect excuse to pull out our favorite romantic comedies. Who doesn’t love a magically funny boy-girl drama with happily ever after endings that leave you with feelings of hope and happiness? Well, we asked our Kortni Jeane team about their favorite rom-coms, to help us narrow it down to the very best ones. Take a look at which movies are our personal favorites when it comes to love and laughter: 
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Alexis and Krista agree that this is the best rom-com out there! It’s so quotable and they could watch it everyday and never get sick of it. They love Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson is their female celebrity crush (seriously)! “She makes the best faces and is just so stinking cute and funny the whole movie!” Plus, the whole movie is full of unexpected twists and turns where you’re laughing and crying. And the best part? It has the happiest ending! 
Crazy Stupid Love
Keely chose Crazy Stupid Love as her favorite rom-com because of the way they tell the story. It is so unexpected! It’s the sweetest, funniest movie ever! “Plus Ryan Gosling is in it - need I say more?!” If you’re like Keely and find that you visually enjoy Ryan Gosling, this is a movie for you! 
The Proposal
Maria loves this movie because “it kills me every time!” She loves Ryan Reynolds and loves that it’s so different from every rom-com. It’s even a family favorite because people seriously try to get away with what the characters do in the movie {no spoilers}. Overall, she loves the way they end up falling in love and it makes her heart melt! If you’re a hopeless romantic like Maria, this movie is for you!
The Other Woman
Eliza loves The Other Woman for the way the story is all twisted together. Eliza thinks the entire story is so funny! She loves all the characters in it and thinks it’s sweet to watch the growing friendships between the main characters throughout the movie.
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Maddie and Abbie are huge fans of My Best Friend’s Wedding! First of all, Julia Roberts is the QUEEN of chick flicks, so how could they resist? The storyline is surprisingly unpredictable for a chick flick and is romantic, ridiculous, and emotional all at the same time! One of their favorite parts has to be Cameron Diaz as Kim since she is always squealing and making the movie as cheesy as possible. If you love 90’s rom-coms, this one’s your next #1.
Bring Up Baby
Gaby loves old movies and this Bring Up Baby is one of her favorites! “The chemistry between Cary Grant and Katerine Hepburn is just so fantastic and the ridiculous situations they get themselves into (one right after another) are hilarious! It is a wonderfully written movie and I recommend it to everyone!” Well there you have it! If you love old classics as much as Gaby, watch this one next!
50 First Dates
Sami loves 50 First Dates because it’s super funny! She thinks it’s cute how hard Adam Sandler’s character tries even though Drew Barrymore’s character forgets everything that happens every single day. If you like movies where the man has to work super hard to get the girl, this is the rom-com for you!
The Devil Wears Prada
Lara has a lot of favorite romantic comedies, but the one that comes to mind immediately is the Devil Wears Prada! “I love the fashion and the fun clothes the cast wears! I also love seeing how Anne Hathaway’s character evolves and changes throughout the movie!” If you’re a fan of fashion and a strong female lead, this is the perfect film for your Galentine’s Day!
Age of Adaline
Katie loves many romantic films, but Age of Adaline makes her heart especially happy! Who could hate the classy and gripping story about the life of a woman who can never age? Katie is obsessed with Blake Lively and the elegance of her character. The main character doesn’t even want to fall in love before the guy swoops in and makes her start to question everything she believes. If you are interested in this unique love story, find this movie and watch it soon!
You’ve Got Mail
Kylie loves You’ve Got Mail because it’s everything she wants in a romance. “I love the way the two main characters actually hate each other before their romance sparks!” She enjoys the simple and clever humor that happens throughout the film and how funny each situation is as the story develops. Plus, it is set in Kylie’s favorite place, New York City!
Taylor is a huge fan of Clueless as her favorite rom-com. She likes it because it’s a classic cheesy movie and Cher is that iconic character that has influenced a lot of other teenage romances. Besides, Paul Rudd is also such a cutie, so can you even go wrong with this one? Taylor thinks not!
Crazy Rich Asians
Rebecca adores Crazy Rich Asians as her favorite rom-com! She can watch it on repeat and will never get sick of it. She said that this movie took her completely by surprise and that she couldn’t help but fall in love with the two main characters. Do you agree? If you can’t make that call, this may be the movie you pick up for your next movie night! She’s the ManLindsey went outside of the box and said that She’s the Man with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum is her favorite rom-com! Although not always considered a rom-com, this movie revolves around comedy, high-school romance, and soccer. It’s definitely a film that will leave your sides aching from laughing. The characters are easy to relate to and overall this movie never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it. If you haven’t seen it yet, get ready to watch it 2+ times!
Sierra, to finish us off, loves the classic romantic comedy, Hitch! She loves how funny it is. She especially loves the scene {spoilers} when Will Smith’s character kicks his date off of a jet ski. Will Smith is one of Sierra’s very favorite actors, so it’s definitely a rom-com that she enjoys often. If you haven’t seen it, find it and watch it because you really are missing out. 
I think it’s safe to say that it’s time for a romantic comedy movie marathon! Get ready to experience all the feels and to die from all the cuteness because all of these movies deliver! Thanks for following along with our favorite rom-coms! What are your favorites? Tell us below: 
Kortni Jeane + Team

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    This is such a great list!! Can’t get enough of a good rom com! I’d also add “To all the boys I’ve loved before” from netflix 😂 it’s just so cute and funny.

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