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5 Ways to Use our Clutch

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We use our waterproof clutches for...well...EVERYTHING! @thestorieofus made this adorable video to show you 5 of our favorite ways to use it on the go. If you have one of these, you already know how useful they are for every little thing. Trust us. This is a NEED for anyone, whether you work full-time, beach bum, adventurer, or stay at home mom! 5 Ways to Use our ClutchMakeup

First and foremost, these clutches are the perfect size for makeup! We can't be the only one's whose makeup bags tend to get filthy within a month or so of using them. Makeup can be really messy, so what better thing than to put it in a waterproof and machine washable case? You heard that right. You can throw your bag in the wash without any worries! Here at KJ we use these clutches for organizing different makeup products, from lipsticks and glosses to foundations and lip + cheek. We also use them as our go-to travel bag for all of our makeup needs, whether it's an overnighter or a few weeks traveling the country. They're just what you need to keep your makeup organized for every occasion!5 Ways to Use our ClutchtravelAre you like us? We try to pack everything as organized as possible, but within 24 hours our suitcase is a complete mess! It makes it incredibly difficult to find everything you need and get ready for the day when nothing is where it's supposed to be. These clutches have saved us from plenty of packing nightmares! We use them to organize travel activities for kids, toiletries, snacks, socks, and everything under the sun! It's so much simpler to pull out your clutch knowing your headphones, passport, phone, and wallet are all safely stored away from the clutter. Do you have liquids in a quart sized bag you're worried will burst on the airplane? We've got you covered. Diapers and wipes for your baby on the go? Don't sweat it! A change of clothes along with your trusty stain stick for the long flight? No worries! These bags come in clutch for every travel experience!5 Ways to Use our ClutchtoysKids need something to keep them busy on the go! These clutches are the perfect size to fill with little toys and slip in your purse. Add a book, some mini stuffed animals, and even some flower power sunnies to get them excited about going out. We highly suggest keeping one of these goodie bags in the car to make care rides something to look forward to for the kids. So whether you're running errands or bringing your little one to a work meeting, you'll always be prepared with something to keep them distracted and happy when you're out and about.5 Ways to Use our Clutch

diaper bagAn organized diaper bag makes life simpler! And the most important thing in a diaper bag -- diapers + wipes! Having a separate zip-up clutch for these is crucial to speedy diaper changes on the go. Believe me, the last thing you want to do in a public restroom is dig through your diaper bag to find what you need most. It sounds simple, yet it makes a world of difference as a mom trying to simplify. Another upside is being able to switch bags without the hassle. Simply grab the clutch you know has all of your baby's needs and add it to your going out bag for the day. Easy peasy!snackssnacksLastly, let's talk snacks! Kids need them, but so do we! Stock up your clutch with snacks galore so that you can always be prepared. You can keep a prepped snack bag in your purse, in your car, or even in the kid's playroom. We love how keeping the snacks in this one bag keeps them from getting crumbs and sticky spots inside our purse. There's nothing worse than finding a melted fruit snack that's been stuck in your bag for who knows how long. Yuck! These bags can easily be thrown in the washing machine or hand washed, which I think we can all agree is much easier than cleaning out your entire diaper bag. And finally, it's nice to have snacks always available for yourself as well! Stock your bag up and use it throughout the week for those moments when you need a little something to keep you going.

Here's to keeping things simpler! Once you start using our clutches, you'll never want to go back! What are you using them for these days? The options are truly endless!


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