2019 Holiday Gift Guide For The Traveler

2019 Holiday Gift Guide For The Traveler - Kortni Jeane
Do you know someone who loves to travel? We couldn't forget these adventurous spirits in our gift guide series! These foolproof items are things a traveler won't be able to live without! So what's on their wishlist you ask? Let's get started:
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1. Kortni Jeane Sporty One-Piece

The suit goes with you anywhere! It's perfect for any type of swimming, whether you're headed to the beach, staying at a resort with a pool, or taking a trip to the lake. Plus, the Primary Stripes are to die for! We just can't get over this pattern and it's only around for a short time, so snag it now!

2. KJ Wetbag

It's all in the name! The wetbag is waterproof, so the uses are endless! We've seen people use it as a cosmetics bag, a case to protect their phone on the beach, or even a bag to organize anything and everything for traveling.

3. Made By Mary Travel Jewelry Case and Passport Stamp Necklace

This travel jewelry case really has it all! Isn't it just the worst when you travel and all of your jewelry gets tangled together into an impossible knot? This case has spots for your earrings, necklaces, and rings to avoid this problem. It's an easy organizational tool that is small enough to go with you everywhere and protect your favorite pieces of jewelry. And, to top it off, the Passport Stamp necklace can be customized with any state or continent to create a memorable souvenir for those wanderers.

4. Somewhere Devine Adventure Journal

Hailey Devine's done it again! She created the cutest adventure journal with everything you could ever need to remember each and every special moment of your trips. The first twenty-seven pages are filled with prompts, pockets, and adhesives that help get you started on your journey. Plus, it includes a roll of washi tape and a gold pen and makes the perfect home for polaroids. It's an incredibly thoughtful gift and we all need one of our own!

5. Thread Wallets Vertical Card Holder

Super sleek and easy would be our two words to describe this wallet. It can fit in the back of your pocket without adding unwanted bulk and serves well as a go-to wallet for your most important 2-3 cards that you often use when traveling. It can also hook onto a keychain or onto a loop in your purse for easy access, so forget about digging through anxiously to find your wallet deep down in your bag. This solves that problem!

6. Goosebumps Fern Robe

Most of us need things to make our trips as comfortable and cozy as possible. This gorgeous fern robe is light enough to pack in your carry-on and brings the coziness of home with you. If you haven't already tried Goosebumps, you are missing out on the softest blankets, lounging clothes, and pajamas around!

7. Rifle Paper Co. Bon Voyage Luggage Tag

Send your friend off with a tag that sticks out in the crowd of suitcases. Anything and everything from Rifle Paper Co. is just darling, and this tag takes the cake!

8. Fawn Design Weekender

Hello perfect carry-on! This bag will forever be your best friend! It's oh so gorgeous and built to last. It comes in blush, gray, and black and has a matching luggage tag attached. Plus, Fawn knows us well because they included plenty of pockets for every little thing you'll need to organize to make your trip easier.

9. Shop Bando Getaway Travel Pillow

Neck pillows are vital for road trips and flights because sleeping without them is...well...unsuccessful to say the least. Investing in a good neck pillow can make a world of difference!

10. To and Fro Packing Cubes

These packing cubes are one of our favorite inventions for traveling! For people that are obsessed about organized packing and saving space like us, these are a MUST! A bonus is that they're great for combining kids suitcases as well as a mama and baby suitcase. Yes please!

11. Fawn Design Passport Wallet

Fawn Design's leather is durable, classy, and comes in four colors in this wallet. It will keep your passport safe and secure and has four slots for cards as well as spots for cash and of course a pocket for your passport.

12. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Who's skin goes a little crazy on trips? 🙋🏻 When you travel you often don't get enough rest, you get dehydrated, and your skin shows it all! This jet lag mask is the perfect treatment to get you feeling back to normal and avoid those pesky breakouts.

13. Wink Naturals Adult Sleep Melts

Unfortunately not all of us are great at sleeping on road trips and flights, so sometimes we need a little reminder to our brain to calm down and rest. These mint sleep melts are an all natural solution and provide a quick remedy for sleep when you need it the most.

14. The Road Trip Book

This book fuels your love for travel! It's going to make you want to drop what you're doing and explore! You can get it on Amazon and take it on your next vacation or read it at home for some inspiration for your next travels.

15. Swell Traveler

Traveling require a good quality water bottle to keep you going. This one is insulated and keeps your beverage hot or cold for 24 hours. It also has a copper layer that prevents the liquid from sweating and leaking into your bag, so you can pack it worry free!
We're tempted to get all of these for ourselves to fuel our travel dreams! Maybe you can tag along with your travel buddy on their next adventure! And guess what!? We have even MORE gift guides to come for women with different hobbies, lifestyles, and styles. So keep reading as we update our blog daily with them! Until next time!
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