Holiday Gift Guide ❄️ For the Littles

Holiday Gift Guide ❄️  For the Littles - Kortni Jeane
Seeing your little’s eyes light up on Christmas morning is truly one of the greatest joys of life! When it comes down to the wire sometimes it’s hard to know what they’ll really like, especially when they play with boxes and wrapping paper instead. Even more important, what gifts will be meaningful instead of tossed aside within a month? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve for your small kiddos! We’re focusing mostly on kids 8 and younger with this list and including gifts that are mostly gender neutral. That way you can use them for every member of your family for years to come. So let’s check them out!

Play Couch - Nugget

1. Play Couch - Nugget

These couches are a hit! They come in a ton of different colors so you can choose something that fits your home. They can be rearranged into anything your kids imagine. They’ll use them for forts, reading nooks, tea parties, movie nights, and so much more! 
Mommy + Mini Jewelry - Gems by Laura

2. Mommy + Mini Jewelry - Gems by Laura

How cute are these!? Jewelry that you can match with your littles is the best kind! They have bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. The bracelets can even go on a baby so this is a great gift for other moms with kids. These teeny tiny gems have stolen our hearts! 
Emotional Learning Doll - Slumberkins

3. Emotional Learning Doll - Slumberkins

Toys for emotional learning? We’re all for it! Each of these precious dolls comes with a book to learn all about a specific emotion or quality. From gratitude to courage these little creatures have a lot to teach us! 
Jasonwell Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

4. Jasonwell Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

You’ll wish you had this as a kid! It’s mess-free, educational, and great for ages eight and under. Kids can spend hours drawing letters, shapes, and animals over and over again as they magically disappear after a few minutes and leave room for more.
The Comfiest Clothes Ever - Rags

5. The Comfiest Clothes Ever - Rags

If you haven’t tried Rags clothes you are missing out! They are so comfy and allow kids to play hard! They even have Disney and holiday collections that will get your kids really excited about these darling and functional outfits!

Puzzles - This & That Etc.

6. Puzzles - This & That Etc.

These puzzles are the cutest! They’re great for toddlers as they learn their motor skills and as they get older and start to learn how to spell in preschool and kindergarten. Best of all, you can even get a custom name puzzle just for them!

Emotions Journal - Promptly Journals

7. Emotions Journal - Promptly Journals

This is a great gift idea to schedule in some quality time with your littles learning about emotional regulation. This little journal is full of writing and drawing prompts, activities, quotes, and affirmations to help your little one learn how to feel and regulate emotions in a healthy way. In the months to come this could be a real lifesaver and tool as your kid grows.

Peg Board Toddler Stacking Toys - Skoolzy

8. Peg Board Toddler Stacking Toys - Skoolzy

This is great for learning fine motor skills for toddlers. It comes with lots of colors and shapes that can be stacked over and over again. They just can’t get enough of it AND it’s easily packable for travel.

 Matching Mommy + Mini Swimmers - Kortni Jeane

9. Matching Mommy + Mini Swimmers - Kortni Jeane

We can’t resist a matching mommy + mini duo! We have matching swimsuits for your little girls and boys no matter what age. Snag them for the whole family for your next vacation! You won’t regret it! 😍

Magnetic Blocks - MagBlock 

10. Magnetic Blocks - MagBlock

These just never get old and to be honest, they’re fun for adults too! This is yet another toy that’s great for kids motor development. They come in several different shapes so what you create is only up to the imagination! 

 Lite-Brite - Basic Fun

11. Lite-Brite - Basic Fun

Parents you probably remember this one from your own childhood! Did you know they still sell them!? These are a blast for older kids (just make sure they’re old enough not to risk choking on the pieces) and they can create endless designs for both the templates that come with it and their own imagination.

 Racetrak Starter Set - BluTrack

12. Racetrack Starter Set - BluTrack

This is a great starter racetrack set that won’t cost an arm and a leg. The track is super flexible so it can be manipulated into any shape you want. The kids will love trying it on every surface around the house!

 Softest Blanket Ever - Saranoni

13. Softest Blanket Ever - Saranoni

When it comes to coziness, these are a winner! How special would it be to get every member of your family their own individual blanket? These will last forever and are sure to be a FAV!

 The Sweet Smell of Christmas - Scented Storybook

14. The Sweet Smell of Christmas - Scented Storybook

Cozy up in that blanket with a good Christmas book! You can smell the apple pie, Christmas tree, and hot cocoa! We love this unique take on a holiday storybook and the kids will too!

Themed Play Dough Kits - Doughsie Dough 

15. Themed Play Dough Kits - Doughsie Dough

These are the cutest play dough sets from a small business. They make the dough and add in pieces to make fun themes like “In the Wild” and “Magic in the Waves.” Kids can reshape the dough and create new imaginative scenes every day!

 Mini Deluxe Micro Kickboard

16. Mini Deluxe Micro Kickboard

If you’ve watched our stories you’ve seen Vinni zooming around like a pro on this. It’s one of his favorite toys and he uses it daily! Your little one will love it too!

We can’t wait to see what you’re gifting your littles this year! We’re always looking for great new kid’s gifts ideas like these so comment down below some of your favorites. Don’t forget to check out our other holiday gift guides for moms, men, and besties. Plus, there’s lots more to come! We hope we can make your shopping both simple and enjoyable this year for every special person in your life!
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