Baby Essentials for EVERY Occasion

Baby Essentials for EVERY Occasion - Kortni Jeane
Baby Essentials For Every Occasion
Once baby comes along, every trip out of the house is a race to gather every little thing your baby will need. Every bag you own becomes a diaper bag, used to tote around snacks, toys, bottles, pacifiers and so much more. It can be a real mess scrambling to find something in your bag when you're frazzled by your little one in public. That's why we wanted to give you a few tips for packing baby essentials that you'll need for every occasion with a "secret ingredient" that will be a lifesaver in these situations!

Baby Essentials for Every Occasion

Long gone are the days of purchasing a bag labeled as a diaper bag. With your ToteSavvy you can transform any bag into a bag just as convenient and functional as any diaper bag. The best part is, the transfer from bag to bag is easier than pre-baby! This is our secret ingredient that will make your life SO much easier! You can have a bag that's both cute and functional, even as a mom! Some of my favorite bags right now are:
These bags are made for taking you places. They have plenty (and I mean plenty!) of pockets. ToteSavvy + these bags are a dream team. You can have enough pockets for your personal things and all of your baby's needs. Most importantly, these are all amazing quality! They come in so many colors and look stunning with anything and everything. Our number one you may ask? Fawn Design!

Baby Essentials for Every Occasion

Once you've got your ToteSavvy packed you never have to think about it again as you transfer it from bag to bag! Just gotta keep those diapers and wipes stocked! There are only two things we know we can't leave our houses without when baby is in tow, but we always have quite the haul just in case! So, here's a few other baby essentials that can come in handy:

Snacks for mom- a must!

Baby Essentials for Every Occasion

From a day out with the kids to work to a business dinner, switching bags with ease comes in handy! No matter where you are going, what you are doing don't let your bag and the stress of, "do I have everything?!" hold you back! Have more tips? We love our community of women who share mom hacks! Comment down below what your baby essentials are.
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