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#GetDressedWithKJ // Everyday Essential Tees - Kortni Jeane

Here at Kortni Jeane we strongly believe that EVERYONE has their own unique style. Fashion is the easiest way to express who you are and how you feel without saying anything at all! That's why we love our mix n' match swimsuits; everyone can have their own unique swimsuit!

Unfortunately for us, it's still snowing outside, so it's not swimsuit season just yet. That's why, for this month's #GetDressedWithKJ, we're showcasing the next best thing: Everyday Essential Tees. 

We've teamed up with Ella Bloom Boutique to showcase their amazing tees. 

Check out how each of us incorporated this simple shirt into each of our outfits while still maintaining our own personal styles. 


 Shirt // Ella Bloom Boutique

"Layering, easy go-to and comfortable... everyone needs a go to t-shirt!"

“This shirt is so soft + lightweight, plus it goes with anything! I’m all about pieces I can dress up or wear casually.”

Jentry // Fulfilment

"Casual & comfortable is always what I aim for. This shirt, paired with some comfy jeans and classic sneaks works perfect for every day!"

Heather // Fulfillment

"I love how simple and light weight this essential tee is! It literally goes with and/or under ANYTHING you would want! I am obsessed with overalls/jumpers right now, so this is a perfect layer shirt for summer for me and then I just add some color with a bandana and BAM!"

Izzy // Fulfillment

"This t-shirt is the softest thing I have EVER owned! It’s a cute cream color & it matches seriously everything!! Big fan."

Madi // Fulfillment

"I love dresses for summer because they’re so fun and cool. You can wear dresses so many ways! I love having pops of color to make it more bright and denim is always a good idea!"

Abbie // Fulfillment

"I’m all about a plain tee! They are so fun to throw on with jeans or spice up with a cute skirt! Can’t go wrong!"

Gaby // Fulfillment

"I tend to wear a lot of blacks and grays, so this shirt is the perfect pop of color to add to my wardrobe for summer! Plus the sleeves are super fun!!"

Kasey // Customer Service

"I love a solid tee and jumpsuit because it is a quick and effortless way to trick people into thinking you put in effort, when really, its an easy go-to outfit for my lazy days, while still looking put together."

Taylor // Customer Service

"I love this tee because its cute and relaxed, perfect for the gym!"

Lucero // Customer Service

"I love hats and layering!!! I think having a pop of color under a plain dress is always appropriate for the spring!!! Adding a hat pulls it all together for me!"

Katie // Creative Team

"I needed a little more coverage with this top I decided to layer it with a high neck lace top that I already had in my classy wardrobe. I also paired it with my mauve pants and Sam Edelman heels to make the whole outfit a little more business casual."

Kiely // Creative Team

"Everyday tees are my jam! I love tucking them into high-waisted pants, and adding a little something extra with a pattern!"

Paige // Creative Team

"I love how versatile this shirt is! You you pair it with a simple pair of jeans to keep it simple or throw it under a dress to add some variety + show off the frilly sleeves like I did. Plus it’s my favorite color - yellow!"

Kristen // Creative Team

"I have very strong feelings against wearing jeans. They are just to restricting. That is why I ONLY wear jumpsuits and loose pants. BUT, to pull off a fun pair of pants you have to have a cute + classic shirt. That is why this shirt is perfect for me + my style!"

Addison // Wholesale

"I’m a super fan of high-waisted jeans and adding a super cozy simple tee is the cherry on top! Let’s just say this might be my go-to mom uniform for everyday easy wear."

Izze // Intern
"I love t-shirts that I can layer with and this is the perfect one! And I thank the sun for letting me wear shorts today."


If we had to mix and match two of our favorite fashion trends they would definitely be: comfy + stylish. Luckily for all of us, these essential tees do just that.

Kortni Jeane + Team


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