Embarrassing Skinny Dipping Stories 🙈

Embarrassing Skinny Dipping Stories 🙈 - Kortni Jeane

skinny dipping stories

You spilled and we're thrilled! We asked you to share your skinny dipping stories, from embarrassing to empowering and these are too too good! Are you ready for a good laugh!? Let's dive right in!
Nowhere to Go...
"I went skinny dipping with 2 of my friends at the end of senior year and we decided to go to the busiest water hole in town🤦🏻‍♀️.  It was 10:30 and the water only went to our knees, so here we are butt naked and 4 trucks full of people show up! We book it to our truck only to realize we left our clothes on the shore. The only towel we had was the size of a dish towel, so I took one for the team and grabbed our stuff. I'm pretty sure the whole group saw all my goodies 😂 . To make it worse we all lived like 20 minutes away, so we couldn’t go to our houses and we couldn’t go to a gas station (because obviously were naked) so we went to a park thinking the restrooms were open and of course they were not! So we were changing behind bushes and realized there was a group of grown men playing softball 30 feet away🤦🏻‍♀️.. I have no idea how we didn’t get charged with indecent exposure! 😂"
A thrilling reunion...
When I was in college, some friends from high school all wanted to get together for a sleepover to reunite while we were all in town for a weekend. The friend's house we were at had a pool, so we decided to go swimming after hanging out all day. I talked some friends into skinny dipping since they’d never done it before. We climbed to the roof with our towels and all dropped them and jumped in together. It was thrilling and fun, until we heard some laughing. Her neighbors were OUTSIDE and watched the WHOLE thing. We were super embarrassed, but looking back on it, it was super funny.
Salt-water skinny dipping...
"Okay I've got a good one. I was staying at a resort at the Dead Sea and my friend and I thought it would be a GREAT idea to go skinny dipping after dark, in the DEAD SEA, in a veeeeeeery conservative majority Muslim country 🤦🏼‍♀️ . Well, in trying to evade suspicion we went down to the water away from the man-made beaches. As we waded in, I immediately fell on the slippery rocks and scraped my whole leg and it burned like heck because of all the salt (hello saltiest body of water) but I still had to rush into the water to not be seen. Thankfully we were never caught, but I had to go up to the crowded lobby to ask for a medical kit while still dripping wet with huge gashes on my leg that were clearly irritated from the salt of the Dead Sea. I’m sure everyone could piece together exactly what happened 😂 ."
Embarrassing Skinny Dipping Stories
One last hurray!
"The summer I graduated high school (in Europe), a bunch of us friends gathered together, rented two vans, and drove to Italy. It was such a fun time, free of exams, parents, and worries. The apartments we rented were packed but we loved spending time together before we all went separate ways. On our last night on the beach it was windier than usual and we challenged each other to run into the pitch black water. Someone’s top got lost in a wave. One of the boys yelled the equivalent of “streaker” and a chain reaction ensued. Swimmers came off and giggling teens ran squealing into the freezing water. The whole thing lasted maybe five minutes, but it was exhilarating. We couldn’t stop laughing even while shivering and wrapping up in towels. It was a funny and memorable way to close our last vacation together."
Wanted for indecency...
"My friend and I decided to go skinny dipping off a local bridge. We left our clothes and got in the water. As we jumped in the water we heard police sirens. We quickly swam under the bridge and hid as the police got out of their cars yelling and looking for us! We sat under there for a good 15 minutes hiding, scared out of our minds lol!!"
Girls only!
"In high school, our church youth group would take a trip to Florida every summer. One year, the female leaders told the youth pastor that they wanted all the girls to have a “girls only” night at the beach. Late that night, they took us all out to the beach to skinny dip as a form of empowerment for women. The next day we were obviously back in our one pieces with Nike shorts, but it was hilarious. Looking back, that was probably WILDLY inappropriate. 🤣 "
A head-butt reaction...
"Summer of 2014. My best friend had a pool at her family's house. Typical best friend shenanigans; staying up all night, talking about which boys we thought were cute, getting in trouble for laughing too loud at 2 am. You get the picture. It was somewhere after 1 am and before the sun rose we planned our skinny dip. Sneaking out the window and across the yard in nothing but oversized t-shirts, it seemed to be going great. We were having a blast swimming and giggling and feeling scandalous when all of the sudden a beam of light flashes across from the neighbors house (happened to be her grandparents, don't worry). In panic mode we tried getting out of the pool asap, and in our hurry I smashed her in the face with my butt when I jumped out and knocked her back under water. Recovery was a scramble as we dashed across to the pool house and waited until Grandaddy turned off his flashlight and went to bed. Poor fellow, I think he was more embarrassed than we were when he realized it was his naked granddaughter and her friend, and not some random kids up to no good. He never brought it up and eye contact was a tough one for a few years."
Embarrassing Skinny Dipping Stories
Honeymoon surprises...
"My husband planned our honeymoon without my input and picked surprise locations for us to adventure. Well, one of those was to a hot spring in Northern California. We were both super excited to be there and soak up relaxing moments; However, when we arrived we discovered that it was a nude hot spring! We were so shocked and I still joke with my husband and tell him that he can never plan vacations again. After a few moments of panic we thought, “what the heck” and took off our suits (even through they were perfectly picked Kortni Jeane honeymoon suits) and hung out at a nude hot spring on our vacation! The best memories come from the most unexpected moments!"
The lily pad challenge...
"I went skinny dipping once with a bunch of girls and we did what was called the “lily pad challenge”. Basically you had to run off the dock and jump onto one of the floating mats and see how far you could go without falling off. Everything jiggles, you usually only make it about 60% of the way before falling into the water, and it is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed. The full moon didn’t exactly help with the whole "going at night" thing so basically you could see everything, which made it even funnier. Oh, and don’t worry.  😂  There was a group of boys camping just up the hill who heard the screams and wondered what was going on. We were lucky none of them came down to check, but needless to say it was the funniest skinny dip I’ve been a part of."
You're glowing!
"My best friend and I went skinny dipping in Bonita Springs, Florida one night. We were swimming when I noticed my skin was glowing! There were tiny bioluminescent plankton in the water!! Sooo fun. We were scared of sharks though so we didn’t go too deep 😂 ."
She did it for the bucket list...
"I flew out to San Diego for my good friends wedding. For her bachelorette party we went to dinner and then the beach. I don’t remember who, but someone came up with the idea of skinny dipping. I am a Colorado girl so not a great swimmer in the ocean and it kind of terrifies me. But...it was on my bucket list so I had to do it! We ran into the water and being the chicken I was I brought my suit into the water with me thinking I could easily put it back on.....but boy was I wrong. Waves kept crashing down on me and it was late at night so I couldn’t see a thing! Long story short, I couldn’t get my bikini back on because it was so tangled up and I couldn’t see. I ended up having to got back to the beach butt naked to put it back on... so yes, everyone there saw me. At least I crossed it off my bucket list, but I will never do that again haha."
That's all for now! We've had ourselves a good laugh! What do you think? Are you all for skinny dipping or is it a never will I ever for you? Maybe we should all stick to the swimsuit wearing. 🙈  Good thing we've got you covered! Until next time!
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