Preparing for Baby

Preparing for Baby - Kortni Jeane
preparing for baby
My babies make my heart beyond happy and I feel so blessed to be their mama! But I wouldn’t be where I am today without the products that helped me get through the newborn stages to now! Everyone has their list of must-haves when it comes to babies. Today I have made a list of all the tried and true products I love, from newborn needs, baby luxuries, and things I want to try for Baby #2. Once baby comes along, life isn’t easy by any means! But if you take time for you, enjoy those newborn cuddles, and find things that work for you, then the whole process will be that much more incredible.
Newborn needs
First, let’s start with "my newborn needs." These are the tried and true products that I loved with my first baby that I see as must-haves/can't live without for my second baby: 
Snuggle Me Organic LoungerMarpac Travel Sound MachineHaaka - Silicone Breast Pump

My very top three cannot live without!

  1. Snuggle Me Organic Lounger - I traveled with this and everything because it was such a game changer. This lounger makes your baby feel like they are being held all snuggled up in this luxurious and genius bed. Plus you can lay it anywhere and it's no different for your baby. If I could gift every expectant mama one of these I would!
  1. Marpac Travel Sound Machine - I have two of these so I always have one on hand. I keep one in my diaper bag and one at home. My 18 month old still sleeps with it and no matter where we are, nap or nighttime, we turn it on. It cues for him to sleep and helps keep him asleep whether we are at family’s playing games or grocery shopping. You may worry your baby will rely on this to sleep but that's just not the case at all. It helps cue your baby to sleep and it’s totally okay for both of you to get some rest.
  1. Haaka - Silicone Breast Pump. I know it sounds and looks weird, I get it. As a first time mom I was not a believer. Right up until my baby was born and I had a freezer FULL of milk just from my letdown. I am not sure there is any greater invention out there!
LouLou and Company swaddlesNose Frida Laundry Detergent

Other must-haves:

  1. LouLou and Company Swaddles - There are a million swaddles out there and I think I tried at least half of them (no exaggeration) but nothing compared to these! They held up the best, still look brand new and ready to be used with babies to come! They’re nice and stretchy to wrap baby snuggly without them being able to break through. Plus, they’re still breathable and yet warm. They’re the package deal! 
  1. Nose Frida - The snot sucker that will save you. It may look and sound gross but it works magic.
  1. Laundry Detergent - This is the best baby laundry soap I have found by far. It’s free of harsh chemicals, safe for baby's skin, and has a very subtle {almost scentless} scent. 
Tubby Todd Hair + Body Wash and Tubby Todd All Over OintmentA good diaper bagwildbird sling
    1. Tubby Todd Hair + Body Wash and Tubby Todd All Over Ointment - These cleansers and ointments are made from plant-based extracts and work magic! I will use none other for my babies. 
    1. A good diaper bag, duh! The bag doesn't have to be deemed as an actual "diaper bag" however I love something that has plenty of pockets and is a backpack to keep your hands free, because you need them! Some of my favorites that you just cannot go wrong with are:
    •  The Original Fawn Design- this bag is fire and definitely my most used!
    • Mina Baie Harper - It’s lightweight with all the pockets you could ask for, making it super functionable but totally cute!
    • Nena and Co The perfect Bag- This one can convert into a backpack and has easy access pockets. Best of all, it’s completely unique!
    9. Wildbird Sling Being able to get tasks done hands free is a lifesaver! Meanwhile, you can still enjoy your baby nice and close.
      sleep gownskyte baby sleep bagburp cloths
      10. Sleep Gowns - The easier and less fuss to change your baby in the middle of night the happier both you and baby will be. Putting my first little in a sleep gown was frustration free and I could do it with my eyes closed (let's be real, newborn life is all with your eyes closed). Some of my favorite brands are:
      11. Kyte Baby Sleep Bag - When your baby starts to wiggle this soft and plush bag is the way to go! It helps baby sleep and can serve as an alternative to a blanket. Best of all, the bamboo material is made to regulate your babies temperature and stays on safely.
      12.  Burp Cloths - From spit-ups to feeding mishaps I went through burp cloths like crazy with my newborn. Some of my favorites are:
      The Peaceful Sleepercopper pearl multi-use coverHonest Diapers
        13. The Peaceful Sleeper (@the.peaceful.sleeper) - My first was a terrible sleeper and I think it was partially my part being a first time mom with every worry in the world running through my head. @the.peaceful.sleeper helped me get my sanity back and had my 6 month old sleeping 12 hours straight in two (very long feeling) weeks, but she made it doable!
        14. Multi-use cover - This was a must have for me. I used one every day several times a day to nurse my baby and keep the car seat covered. They come in a million different colors and are worth it!
        15. Honest Diapers - These are the best of the best in my
        opinion. I've never had any issues with rashes or irritation like so many other brands I've tried so I'm sticking with them.
        Baby Luxuries I Love:
        Second, let’s look at the "Baby Luxuries I love."  These are products I loved being able to have and felt spoiled by but they’re not totally necessary if you can't fit them into your budget.
        Hiccapop Wipe warmerMamaroo Lalabu Baby Dad Shirt
        1. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer - You could live without it, but save yourself from a fussy baby (and toddler) and get this safe wipe warmer! It regulates the temp so it never gets too warm, works great with any wipes I have tried, and baby is much happier when a cold wet one isn't being used to wipe their bum.
        1. Mamaroo - My baby loved this. The different swinging motions and sounds were soothing and relaxing, keeping him content while I snuck into the shower. However I have been told by many that their baby either loves or hates it, thus landing in my luxuries I love! I cannot guarantee your baby will love this swing as much as mine did but for me it is worth the investment!
        1. Lalabu Baby Dad Shirt - Put this on your man and your heart will literally melt! There are so many products out there made with mom in mind, and yes I understand those can be used for dads as well, but it made my man so happy to have something that was made for him! AND it works so well! Our little nugget took many naps in this snug shirt and it sure is a sweet sight to see!
        rocking chairUppa Baby Vista Stroller
          1. Rocking Chair - Although I am obsessed with my rocking chair and use it every single day, multiple times a day, I do think you could do without it if you cannot fit it into your budget. However I think a nice, comfy rocking chair is a great investment! I have spent many nights sleeping with a restless baby, many hours nursing, and had lots of snuggles reading books in my rocker. 
            1. Uppa Baby Vista Stroller - Got this bad boy with Vinni and love that I can hook interchangeable seats from his infant car seat, a bassinet while he was a newborn, and a seat as he started to sit up and notice the world a little more. The best part is now it will grow with my growing family and allows for two seats to be attached. My big thing was that it can fold with the seat attached, which makes a big difference when you start to need more than two hands. 
          saranoni blanketplum + sparrow basket
            6.  Saranoni Baby Blanket - For all those spring/summer babies this will be a different story, but having a winter baby I always needed to keep him cozy wherever we went. This little blanket was perfect to wrap over the top of my baby while in his carseat without getting too bulky. Baby number two is coming at the same time as the first so I know this is a need! 
            7. Plum and Sparrow Basket - This basket helped me move my baby from room to room while he slept and I could keep an eye on him like the crazy mom I am. 
            Things I want to Try with Baby # 2 -
            Let’s finish things off with things I want to get with baby #2 that I didn't have with my first. These are items I haven't tried but have had my eye on that I think would be beneficial. 
            Snuggle Me Organic Feeding and Support pillowGathre Padded Mat
            1. Feeding and Support Pillow- I have my eyes on the Snuggle Me pillow for baby #2. I used a few different nursing pillows with my first and never found one that worked quite right for me. The shape and structure of Snuggle Me's looks more like what I need for the countless hours I will be breastfeeding my little one.
            1. Gathre Padded Mat - Finally a baby mat that is classy for every area of your home! I know with this second baby I won’t be able to hold quite as much as I did with my first so having a comfortable place to lay and play is important to me. 
            Hatch Changing PadSakura Bloom Baby Carrier
              1. Hatch Changing Pad- Has anyone used this? I almost got it with my first but couldn't justify it. I would have loved to be able to keep track of my baby's weight (I worried like crazy with my first since he was born with low oxygen levels and wasn't eating well). Plus the sleek design speaks to me and the fact that I can just wipe it clean {aka one less thing to laundry}.  
              1. Sakura Bloom Baby Carrier - This looks so simple and easy to use. Having two babies in tow, whatever makes life easier to be hands free is for me! 
              I was suggested many other things before I gave birth that were helpful to others, I just didn’t end up needing or using all of those things. Just keep in mind that what works for me may not be your cup of tea, don’t be afraid to do things differently. We are all different and that’s the beauty of life! Please share in the comments below what you found useful and are loving that I have missed! 
              Thanks for following along for baby week and don’t miss out on tomorrow's post! We’ve got a lot more helpful tips coming your way! 


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