Collaboration Spotlight: Catherine Wigg

Collaboration Spotlight: Catherine Wigg - Kortni Jeane
Catherine Wigg is a stylish and genuine wife and mother. She's married to her favorite human Michael. Catherine has two children, a darling boy named William and an adorable girl named Georgia, who were along for the ride this year as their family boycotted winter and headed to Bali for a 10 week adventure. We were thrilled to work with this beautiful family of four!
Moving to Bali for 10 weeks with two young kids is a bold decision! So we asked Catherine what motivated their choice. She told us: "To be honest, we went to Bali to find ourselves. We kept telling the kids that and they would repeat it. It is so important to us to have a connection with self. So we went to Bali to find ourselves and each other." This experience for them in Bali has led to priceless family time and connection.
Before their trip, Catherine chose matching Kortni Jeane swimsuits for everyone in the family. She is wearing our Scoop Back top in Ribbed White and our All Ruffled Up bottoms in Blue Floral. Her body type works perfectly with the V-Neck top. Being a mom, she constantly has kids pulling her in every direction and her swimsuit hangs on through it all. She loves wearing Kortni Jeane Swimmers because her entire family can match, which creates an especially close connection for this traveling family of four. Catherine also loves feeling pretty and lovely in her swimsuit while still being modest. She's incredibly relatable when it comes to her swimwear choices: "I try to dress in a way that my dad would be comfortable seeing me in by the pool. Running after kids in an itty bitty bikini around my dad isn't the most comfortable for me!" Many of us feel that same uneasiness when we're wearing something that we're not truly comfortable in. You should never have to feel that way in a swimsuit!
Her husband Michael is sporting our Blue Floral men's Swim Shorts while matching their son William in his Blue Floral Mini Euro Shorts.
They're a father-son combo we'll never forget. 
Michael loves his swim shorts because the mesh is so much more comfortable for him than other swim trunks he has. He loves them so much, in fact, that he wears them as shorts all around Bali! 
Last of all, Georgia couldn't look any cuter in our Mini Peplum top in Blue Floral and Mini All Ruffled Up bottoms in Beige Flake. Her swimsuit's sweet and girly style is perfect for her.    
So far their favorite things to do in Bali are:
  1. Going to see the Nung Nung Waterfall - It's such a difficult hike, but Catherine inspired us by saying: "Isn’t it funny how the most rewarding things in life seem to take the most time and effort?"
  2. Taking a vegan cooking class - Catherine and Michael took this class just the two of them and it was a perfect day date for them as a mom and dad.
  3. The Ubud market - They could spend hours there wandering and talking to people and buying gifts... and for Catherine, buying gifts is her love language! 
Find more precious photos, travel tips, and advice from a fellow mom check out Catherine's blog:
And follow along to see how her and her family wear their matching Kortni Jeane swimmers on her Instagram: @catherine.wigg
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    Love seeing this beautiful family in featured pictures. And we love seeing them in matching swimsuits.

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