Spooktober Playlist 2021

Spooktober Playlist 2021 - Kortni Jeane
Let’s spook up the season! What better way to turn up the spooks than with some Halloween themed tunes?! We have once again revamped our Spooktober Playlist so you can listen along all month long. It’s the perfect excuse to mix up the work day, get ready for your Halloween celebrations, and get your creative spooky juices flowing for pumpkin carving and costume creating! Hope you love classic Halloween tunes with a dose of Disney villain songs, cuz we’ve got the ultimate mash up for you! And as always, this spooky playlist is kid-friendly so blast these jams for one and all. Let the ghoul times roll! 
If you’re looking to get extra spooky this season, make sure you’re following along @kortnijeane on Instagram to see how we make Spooktober the best month of the year! And check out our #kortnijeanehalloween costume contest to see creative costumes made out of KJ swimmers! Join in by making your own costume for the chance to win the grand prize of $300 Kortni Jeane credit! This month is too good to pass up so keep ‘em comin’ and have a BOO-tastic time!
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