Best Gifts For a Mom with a Newborn

Best Gifts For a Mom with a Newborn - Kortni Jeane
Best Gifts You Can Give to a Mom with a Newborn
We’ve covered all things baby, from pregnancy to luxuries to nursing, but let’s talk about mama for a hot minute. After growing and delivering a tiny little human, mama could use some extra love (and rest!) so we’re coming at ya with the best gifts you can possibly give to mama when she has that newborn babe. Mama, if you’re reading this, pass it on to your loved ones. The rest of us, get ready to give these wonderful gifts to the new mamas in your life.  
1. Clean their house or pay someone to do it - the last thing mama is going to want to do is clean. They’re exhausted and up at weird hours throughout their night, so having someone lend a hand is a lifesaver. Plus, when mama’s space is neat and organized, she’ll feel a lot less stress on top of taking special care over her newborn. 

2. Drop off a hot meal or pre-prepped meal they can pop in the oven at their leisure - again, this is a lifesaver because mama's too busy resting + taking care of baby to have the time to cook a meal.

3. Take their other kids - whether it’s for a couple hours or a whole day, get those kiddos out of the house to give mama time to rest or do whatever the heck she wants. Self-care is number one, but it can be difficult to take time for yourself when you have a newborn AND other cute kiddos to watch over. 

Best Gifts You Can Give to a Mom with a Newborn

4. Send kind messages to mama - whether that be a quick text, note or even a simple thinking of you, mama will appreciate the love. Postpartum can feel lonely even when you are surrounded by loved ones. Make it a point to say how much you love that new mama! Saying you love mama will mean the world to mama and remind her that she’s not alone.  

5. Pamper mama - If you do hair or nails, offer your services to mama! It’s a win-win! Not only do you get to chat and visit baby, you also help mama feel pampered. Feeling beautiful and taken care of is a much needed service in the craziness of having a newborn and postpartum emotions that follow.  

6. Newborn Photoshoot - Mama is obsessed with one thing and one thing only: her newborn. So why not offer up your professional skills and offer to take newborn photos, mama + newborn photos, etc. Or if she already had photos taken, make a point to offer your time in printing, framing, and hanging those portraits. Mama will appreciate the help and will love showing off her babe. 

 7. Pay for a Streaming Subscription - mama is going to be home with her newborn baby and she’s going to be exhausted. What's better than being able to binge-watch shows in your down time? If mama doesn’t have a particular streaming service, where she can binge watch various movies and tv shows, offer to pay for one until she can be out and about again. She’ll appreciate the new options for entertainment and will make use of it often! You may be her new best friend after this one!  

Promptly Journalsmade by mary necklacepostpartum must haves
8. Promptly Journals - now I’ve mentioned these before, but if mama didn’t take the plunge, you definitely can! Gift mama a postpartum journal or a childhood history journal. Both of these will fill up mama’s time with her newborn and help her record this special time with baby.  
9. Made by Mary necklace - I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I am in love with my Made by Mary necklaces. It can be personalized with baby’s name, birth flower, or even baby’s birthdate. I literally never take mine off! It goes with me to the shower, swimming, and sleeping. Mama will love it just as much as me!
10. Postpartum Must-Haves - we’ve already covered the postpartum must-have products, so if mama didn’t take the plunge, you can do it for her. She will find a use for any of these things and will love that she didn’t have to worry about buying them herself. 
Best Gifts You Can Give to a Mom with a Newborn
We’ve done all the shopping for you! Now you can narrow down the perfect gifts for your mamas with newborns! Whether it’s for your best friend, sister, or even yourself, these gift ideas will make motherhood easier during those first few months. Plus, mama will love you for taking the time and effort to do something nice for her. What other gift ideas do you think mama would love and appreciate? Let us know below! We created a pinnable template for you to add your own ideas to:
Best Gifts You Can Give to a Mom with a Newborn
Thank you for following along for baby week! We are so excited to welcome baby girl to our family and appreciate your love and support! Just the thought of her makes my heart beyond happy! ❤️


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