Postpartum + Nursing Needs

Postpartum + Nursing Needs - Kortni Jeane

Postpartum + Nursing Needs 

Everyone has their list of must-haves when it comes to babies! One of mommy’s biggest concerns is recovery + nursing. With the birth of my first child, I had the worst expectations and it all turned out to be a million times easier than I expected! This is one department that many mamas aren’t sure how to prepare for. So for #4 of my baby lists I have made a list of things that I found a NEED for and useful when it came to postpartum care + nursing tricks. Keep in mind, what works for me may not be your cup of tea. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. The beauty of life is that we’re all different! 
Raid the Hospital Pink Stork Recovery Teapink stork prenatal and postnatal vitamins
  1. Raid the Hospital - First things first, take home ALL the things from the hospital. (If you aren’t having a hospital birth you can still find these items). I had the cutest nurse during my first birth that would stash items for me to take home every time she restocked something. I am talking the giant diaper underwear (similar), medicated cooling pads (my hospital had these ones), a peri squirt bottle to clean up there (if you know, you know!) and even diapers/wipes. When you get home you don’t want to worry about trying to get these things and will want them on hand to continue using! 
  1. Pink Stork Recovery Tea - I am a huge fan of Pink Stork products. I haven’t tried them all, but the ones I have, I would recommend. I feel like you just can’t go wrong! I am not usually a big fan of tean, so I make a cup and wait for it to cool down and then just guzzle it! If you like to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of tea, the flavor is actually pretty good! By the way, if you are planning on nursing or have a hard time having enough milk, they have some amazing products for you! 
  1. Prenatals - Keep taking those vitamins! Since prenatal vitamins have higher doses of nutrients like calcium and iron, they can help you to feel better while you’re recovering. If you’re nursing, vitamins help your little one’s healthy development too! 
Frida Baby Mom-WasherBaobie Support BloomersComfy postpartum and nursing clothes
    1. Frida Baby Mom-Washer - Hospitals provide a peri bottle, but this bidet is such a relief! Perfect for postpartum care down there. They also have an essentials kit with most of the postpartum things all in one, making it super convenient! 
    1. Baobie Support Bloomers -  Besides our swimmers, there’s nothing else like it! These high-waisted maternity and postpartum support bottoms are perfect for alleviating discomfort. It’s definitely a must have for your recovery process and so soft! 
    1. Comfy Clothes - If you’re anything like me you will constantly have family visiting your newborn babe, but ain’t no postpartum mama having time nor feels like getting ready. And NO ONE expects you to! Live in comfy PJs, sweats, and robes! Remember that your body just went through the wringer and you performed a miracle. Do what is best for you and don’t worry what others think! 
    Some of my favs:
    comfortable postpartum bra Nursing Padsbody oil
    1. Comfortable Bra - Again, do yourself a favor and dress comfortably! I went through a million bras and had the hardest time finding one I  liked and was comfortable in. Interestingly enough, I landed on one from Target for daily wear, especially if I am going out and about. And it’s only $18.99! If I know I’m just lounging around at home (and not going braless haha) this one from Baobei is SUPER comfy. You can work out in it too, if you’re up for it! 
    1. Nursing Pads- Nursing or not, you're milk is going to come in and you don't want to be caught unprepared. These are the nursing pads I’ve liked and have worked well! Not say you won’t find yourself waking up wet in the night, but you won’t be walking around with a wet shirt for all to see! 
    1. Body Oil - I believe these oils keep the skin on your belly, thighs, and bottom soft when stretching out during and recovering from pregnancy. I honestly wouldn’t mind stretch marks, and that it’s all part of the process. But I didn’t get ANY on or around my belly (just subtle ones on my behind). I contribute that all to these oils/melts and love the scent of each one.  
    My favs:
    1. Good Water Bottle - The best of the best is the Stanley Adventure Quencher. I have had mine for years and it is the best thing ever. 40oz, fits in a cup holder, has a straw (essential for me cause it helps me drink more water), machine washable, and keeps your drink ice cold all day long! 
    1. Robe - You’ll be getting up in the night frequently and have many occasions in the early days when you just need to throw something on real quick. Nothing is easier than a nice robe. Some of my favorites:
    nursing padsnursing braNipple Cream
    1. Nursing Pads - As your milk comes in, you will need these! Protect your clothes all day and during the night with two of my favorite nursing pads. I love these reusable ones that are soft and prevent leaks. Or I’ve liked these disposable ones that offer great coverage. 
    1. Nursing Bra - Like I said before, I went through a million nursing bras before I found one I liked and was comfortable in. First is this Bravado bra, which is one of the most popular nursing bra brands. But I also have loved this and this form Target since you cannot beat the price!
    1. Nipple Cream - There are some good options I have tried overall! You want to find a good natural safe one you don't have to worry about wiping off and cleaning before feeding baby. 
    My favs: 
     Milk Saver SuctionMilk storage bags Breast Pump
    1. Milk Saver Suction - this is the best invention ever, dare I say... You will save so much milk, and  you probably won't ever need to pump!
    1. Milk storage bags - You can save time and keep your milk from going to waste with these things. I like these and these.
    1. Breast Pump - did you know you can get one through your insurance?? So make sure to talk to your doctor before the baby is born to get your "prescription" and pick it up! The one I got through insurance cost me $0 {can't beat that} and honestly worked just great! I loved the Willow with my first baby. It's $$ but being a working mom that’s always on the go I LOVED having a cordless option, as I didn't always have a plug handy! This one is also a great pump! I have also heard great things about the Elvie. It’s newer so I haven’t tried it personally but it’s another great cordless option! 
    nursing pillownursing cover burp clothes
    1. Nursing Pillow - you could really use anything you love + find, but these are darling pillows covers that make your nursing pillow look trendy! I never found a nursing pillow that worked great for me, so I have my eye on these Feeding + Support Pillows for baby #2! 
    1. Nursing Cover - again, you can find these in many shapes, patterns, and varieties so find something that works for you! My favorite is from Copper Pearl. They work great for multiple uses but I love it for nursing and covering up baby’s car seat.  
    1. Burp Cloths - I love how big these ones are from Little Unicorn and the muslin is so soft, yet effective. They wash and wear so well! 
    Overall, do NOT overwhelm yourself. Like I mentioned, I was most nervous about recovery through the whole process and it turned out to be not as bad as I imagined. Honestly, having your sweet baby in your arms is all that matters! These were key in postpartum for me, but I was suggested many other things that were helpful to others. I just didn’t end up needing or using all those things. Please share in the comments below what you found useful and important in your recovery! 
    Most importantly, take time for you! You won’t be much help to your new baby if you don’t take care of yourself. And ENJOY THOSE NEWBORN CUDDLES, there is nothing sweeter in the world! Be sure you stick around for one more day of baby week! We’ve got one more post coming your way!  


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