5 Compliments That Aren't Appearance Related

5 Compliments That Aren't Appearance Related - Kortni Jeane
5 Compliments that aren't Appearance Related
The holidays are finally here! Bring on the lovely lights, festive foods, and the making of memories! While most of us are excited for the fun that is to come, there’s also this unspoken fear of what the holidays bring for our self esteem. The holidays are a time to reconnect with old friends, family, or even meet new people for the very first time. As we converse and reminisce with others, it’s easy to get caught up in feeling unaccomplished or undervalued, especially when much of those conversations are focused on our appearance. For yourself, take a look at our post about how to love your body this holiday season, in order to fall in love with your own appearance again. But for when conversing with others, here are 5 compliments that are unrelated to appearance that you can use to spread some holiday cheer and positivity: 
You light up the room.“You light up the room” Have you ever met someone who literally does this? Tell them! This compliment focuses on someone's personality and the influence their presence has on those around them instead of on their outfit or current haircut. If you have a friend, family member or even new acquaintance that lights up the room, validate them with this compliment.  
I admire and appreciate your confidence“I admire and appreciate your confidence." Support those who are confident with this affirmation because it is such a rare quality these days. With self-criticism and self-comparison raging over social media and society, this affirmation let’s others know that you notice their efforts towards being themselves. Plus, complimenting confidence builds MORE confidence, so really it’s a service to the one receiving the compliment.
You are always so much fun to be around
“You are always so much fun to be around.” Generally most people want others to enjoy being with them, and this compliment says that someone’s presence is present enough. Let people know if they’re an enjoyable person to be around and that they are making other people happy by being themselves. There’s no better person to be!  
I love how passionate you are about...
“I love how passionate you are about…” Raise of hands for anyone who has worked really hard at a goal or been obsessed with a particular interest. How great does it feel to be validated in your goals and interests?! It feels amazing!!! Be the one who validates the people around you when you recognize their passion for something. Encourage that passion so it doesn’t fade away this holiday season. 
I've learned so much from being your friend
“I’ve learned so much by being your friend.” Here at KJ we believe that there are no limits of intelligence, imagination, and wonder. If you’ve learned something from someone’s example or things they’ve discussed with you, tell them! It’s endearing and invigorating to know that you’ve been a positive influence for someone else. With us encouraging each other, there’s no limit to what we can learn from each other.
It is so fun to dress up and make ourselves presentable for holiday parties and gatherings, but what about everything beautiful outside of our appearance? This season, be the one who notices and goes out of their way to compliment the inner-beauty found in friends, family, and new acquaintances. Once you do, it’ll be a holiday that they won’t soon forget. What other compliments can you think of that have nothing to do with appearance? Let us know below! And as a bonus, tell us about compliments you have received that just made you feel like a champion! 
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