Summer Throwback

Collaborations are better when they're parties and so worth it because how amazing did it turn out??? We were so excited to be apart of this collab and love these pictures and all the companies we worked with! We have all of the shops that were apart of this tagged in the bottom of this post so go check them out if you wanna see more brands we love! 
Video: @kaitlynoelle & @jort_ as well as collaboration hosts
Photographer: Ashley Jensen
Sunglasses: tmbrs
Wallets: thread wallets
Mens Hats & T shirts (Women's Crop Tops): Beloved Shirts 
Womens Clothing: Piper and Scoot
Influencers: @brolintaylor @jlamb_14 @colbauer @sean.peterson @natemid
@kileybarney @jesssieallen @lizothy @kenzebauer @kyleemidd

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