2 Swimmers, 4 Ways

2 Swimmers, 4 Ways - Kortni Jeane
Kortni Jeane swimmers allow you to have MORE swimmers with fewer pieces! That's the magic of mixing + matching different swim tops with dreamy swim bottoms. It's been a minute since we've pulled two tops and two bottoms for a 2 swimmers, 4 ways combo swap, but we're back at it today! Take a look at our picks from our Wild & Free collection to see how you can get four completely different looks with just two swimmers. This is the BEST way to save time, money, and space in your suitcase! Take a look! 


Cassie rocked this playful combo, which features our Bandeau top in Ribbed Purple and our classic High-Waisted bottoms in Blue Checkered. This solid + textured swimsuit top paired with flattering checkers is as fun as it gets. The checkered's light and dark blue shades create a fun and trendy combo that you're sure to get tons of compliments on especially in contrast to the purple ruffles. Stay flirty and on trend in this perfect swim combination! 


Swap in our Up High bottoms in Psychedelic Flower to create a complimentary combo for the books! Ribbed Purple and Psychedelic Flower were MADE for each other. We cannot get over the bold colors that will help you stand out from everyone else on the beach! And these two styles are oh so flattering on every body type, it's your next go-to combo for sure!


Next we swapped in our customer favorite Tied-Up top in Waffled Green to create another incredibly complimentary combo! The warm green tones in our Psychedelic Flower print pair well with the waffled fabric. And those new  Up High bottoms are so flattering and won't distract from the Tied-Up top, the real star of the show! This is the best combo for ultimate comfort and versatility!


Last but not least is our solid on pattern combo that brings back our High-Waisted bottoms in Blue Checkered to the mix + match fun! This fun, classic combo is sure to stand out wherever you go. We love a good green-on-blue pairing with these customer favorite styles. You could do anything and everything sporting this combo, it won't slow you down one bit.
What are your favorite combos of our Wild & Free collection?! There are so many to choose from and we haven’t found a mix + match combo that we didn’t like. It’s THAT good! Let us know below what you think of these pairings. We always love hearing from you! 
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