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Your Love Stories - Kortni Jeane
We asked and you delivered! We took to our Instagram Stories looking for your romantic love stories that you all have ever heard or experienced! As hopeless romantics, we ate up your submissions. And now it’s your turn! Dive right into these real-life stories, told by you, to celebrate the magic of love. 
Story #1:
“When my Grandma was 19, she worked evenings at a classic drive-in restaurant. We’re talking a classic, vintage joint, where she would deliver orders right to their car window. Imagine Sonic, but in early 50s and no roller-skates. Anyway, she started having this guy come regularly. He was a WWII vet working as a surveyor, making maps in the area, and would only be assigned there for the summer. He would drive in every night in his red mustang, wait to order until my Grandma was nearby, just so he could talk to her. After she would deliver his order, without fail, he would tip her a silver dollar! She thought that was a big deal and so did her co-workers (I mean, nowadays this would be $20-$30). Well, after a summer of coming, ordering, and flirting, he pulled her aside and asked her to marry him. Being a devoted religious woman, my Grandma graciously declined, telling him that she would only marry a member of her church. Unbeknownst to her, he was reassigned to make maps out of state, found missionaries from her church, and started meeting with them while he worked in the area. 8 months later, he returned to the restaurant she worked at and proposed again. She said, “I told you, I will only marry a member of my church. It’s important to me that we have the same values.” That’s when he told her that he had studied her religion for six months and had been baptized two months ago. He told her that he now understood why it was so important to her and thanked her for helping him discover more about himself. Stunned, she agreed to dating him, but eventually did say yes to his marriage proposal. They’re married to this day and as in love as ever!      
Story #2:
“My parents story! My dad (Dave) and mom (Sara) were both freshmen in college. Dave was in his dorm room with a bunch of friends hanging out and he looked out his window that overlooked the courtyard. Dave saw Sara playing frisbee and told all of his friends that he would marry that woman. Dave was officially introduced to Sara at a party, but she was not interested. Sara wanted to try out for the cheerleading squad and needed a male partner. A mutual friend suggested Dave and so they met to practice. Sara realized she knew Dave from the party. After spending lots of time practicing, Sara got cut from the squad but decided to give Dave a chance. They dated throughout college and got married after graduation. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren and have been married for 36 years!” 
Story #3:
My grandparents, Mary and Bobby, were married for 64 years before she passed away in 2015. They knew each other from childhood and loved each other for so long. When my granddad helped me buy a car in college, a picture fell out of his wallet of a little girl. It was my grandmother when she was about 12. He said, “I been loving her a long time.” Theirs has always been my favorite love story. They eloped when they were 17 and 18 between their junior and senior year of high school and never looked back. The funny thing is, the night before they eloped, my grandmother went on a date with another guy to throw her family off the scent. I laughed so hard when my granddad told me that. But their lives were so full of love and laughter that you never doubted them. My granddad passed last summer, but he left behind a legacy of love for my entire family. 
Story #4: 
“I met this guy that I really liked during the summer of my junior year (high school) and I knew he liked me back. But I rejected him before my family and I moved to Idaho. We didn’t speak or see each other for 5 years. Later I served an 18 month service mission for my church, and when I got home I was hyper-focused on finding the man I was supposed to marry. *Side note* God told me that I didn’t need to worry because I had already met the man I was going to marry. That meant a lot to me since my parents had separated while I was gone and I was worried about finding the man I was supposed to be with forever. Then, as I was combing through the Mutual dating app, me and this guy reconnected and went on our first date ever to Outback Steakhouse. We have been dating for one year and are planning on getting married in the summer❤️ Our family kind of has crazy connections too, like his aunt was my young women leader all through my high school years and his grandparents were in my ward all growing up. You could say it was meant to be.” 
Story #5: 
“We swiped right. It was a tinder moment. We chatted for a month and a half before we went on our first date. Two weeks later we were on our second date, 5 hours later we shared our first kiss. Third date was the next weekend. 4 months later Covid lockdowns started happening. We kept dating. 3 months later I quit my preschool teaching job that became non-existent (due to Covid) and moved in with him. I got a new job, kept dating, got a better job, kept dating. 15 months from our first date and we are planning a wedding and so so in love! Dating apps work. And so does effective communication. I saved you from all the details but I’m 29 and he’s 27. He’s an electrician and I’m a behavioral specialist. We dance in the kitchen at night when we are cooking dinner together. I call him Choncho and he calls me Steven (because we watched Nacho Libre once and somehow decided it was funny). We fell in mutual weirdness and call it love!” 
Story #6:
“When I moved back home, I started going to a weekly game night at this guys house. My older sister had gone to these game nights every week before I did and they were always hosted at the same place, and by two brothers. It was a great place to meet other single people my age! It was during the weekly games of Werewolf that I met Josh. We became friends pretty quickly. We’d hang out at game nights, go climbing, camping, out to eat, etc. He was an awesome friend and I really enjoyed spending time with him. But the funny thing was, I was dating two other guys over the 5 months of knowing and befriending Josh. Little did I know, he was crushing for me HARD! Well, after 5 months of dating dumb guys, I found myself fed up with dating. Then it dawned on me that I needed to date guys like Josh. And on that exact same day, Josh had decided that if I didn’t show interest THAT DAY then he would give up and move on to someone else. I never knew he was so frustrated with me (till way later). Anyway, he voiced his frustration to my cousin when we were all hanging out, saying that he was done trying to date me. Then my cousin came over to me and we had a conversation where I told her, “I want to date Josh!” Good thing! She told me he was interested so I went over, sat by him, and started dating from that moment.  We had a fun two months together before we started to have more serious conversations. That’s when I thought I had found a red flag with him. But I liked him so much that I didn’t want to make a mistake either way. So obviously I Facetimed my older sister for advice and we talked for a while. At one point during that Facetime call, she asked me, “So when are you going to break up with Josh.” The timing couldn’t have been more terrible. Having arrived at my house just then, Josh was RIGHT THERE when she asked me! I was mortified and Josh was upset, understandably. We talked it over, hashed out my concerns, and decided to continue dating. Things were going really well and I was very optimistic about our future together. But three months after that Facetime call, Josh broke up with me! What’s worse, he broke up with me on our 5 month anniversary! He said it was because he was feeling way too much pressure from my family to get married. I was confused, blindsided, betrayed and cried many tears for two days straight. After the second day of our breakup, I was driving home and purposefully took the route near Josh’s place. As luck would have it, I saw him drive past me, watched him pull a u-turn, and he followed me to my destination. We ended up talking in the parking lot and decided that we wanted to get back together (and there was discussion about getting engaged)! Three months later, on Christmas Eve, he took a knee (took my little nephew down with him 😂 whoops!) and proposed in front of my family festivities. Of course I said, “Yeah!” and was so so happy about it. Timing was everything for us and I love him even more the longer I know him! 
We can’t even! It’s stories like these that make us love LOVE! From classy old-fashioned love to modern day matches on a dating app, you honestly can find romance anywhere! Thank you for sharing your experiences and stories with us and our KJ community. Still have romantic stories to share? Comment below and we’ll save them for next year! 
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