Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month

Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month - Kortni Jeane
Every year we recognize the month of March as Women’s History Month. It’s the perfect time to recognize women’s suffrage throughout our history and to embrace the spirit of women we celebrate! But how can we celebrate? We’ve got you covered with five great ideas that will help you celebrate and make the most of Women’s History Month. Plus, we’ve got a little history treat for you at the end. 
Explore the History
Now’s a perfect time to learn about the history of women’s rights! The National Women’s History Alliance announced that the theme of this year is “Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to be Silenced” which perfectly captures the spirit of challenging times. From their site we learned that suffragists faced a virus AND a war while trying to win the key state of New York in 1917. Like these valiant women, we can also adapt and persevere to our own political challenges and modern day virus! Explore our unique history even more to find incredible connections and facts. 
Be Aware of Issues Women Face Today
Women have made a lot of progress through the years, which is cause for applause! But there is still work to do! For the month of March, take time to research the obstacles women still face because of their gender. From less earnings to domestic violence to harmful beauty standards, there are many serious issues that women face. As you learn more from reliable sources, you can also post on social media to spread awareness. 
Support Women-Owned Businesses/Nonprofits
You know how much we love to shop small, but now it’s time to shop women-owned small. Women-owned businesses are on the rise and we are loving it! March is the perfect time to support these leaders and entrepreneurs by investing in their products and sharing your love for them on social media. You can also support a charity that works with women and girls in need. Tons of nonprofits, big and small, work to empower women and move the needle on gender equality, and they’d love your help! 
Write a Thank You Note to Women that Inspire You
Celebrate this month with a few simple words of love. If you have women in your life that have inspired you, acknowledge her with a sincere thank you! Maybe they’re your mom, role model, or friend - tell them how much you admire them and what they’ve done for you. It will mean a lot to them, we’re sure of it! Or, write yourself a love note. We as women can be our own worst critics, so shower yourself with love. You deserve to be celebrated! 
Support Women Authors and Artists
Think about the women authors and musicians who took that chance, made that sacrifice, and put themselves out there. This month, give the creative women of the world some well-earned love. When you buy their books or albums, you’re supporting them in more ways than one. So whether you’re into reading or music, this month is the perfect time to support your favorite empowering women! 
As one last treat, check out this quick and easy Women’s History quiz. Nothing says “History” like a little quiz of facts! Go ahead, test out your knowledge of Women’s History, and let us know how you do below! 
1. Who became the first female Secretary of State of the United States in 1997?
2. Who was the first black woman lawyer in the United States & the first woman admitted to the District of Columbia bar in 1872?
3. Who was the United States delegate to the United Nations who championed  and won approval of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948?
4. Who was the female lawyer who worked for equal rights and suffrage, co-founded the ACLU in 1910, and helped write the Equal Rights Amendment?
5. Who was the first black prima donna soprano at the Metropolitan Opera, starring from 1961-2007?
6. Who introduced America to French cooking in her books and television series from 1963 through the 1990’s?
Kortni + Team
1. Madeleine Albright
2. Charlotte Ray
3. Eleanor Roosevelt
4. Crystal Eastman
5. Leontyne Price
6. Julia Child


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