Worry-Free Swimmers for You and Your Little One

Worry-Free Swimmers for You and Your Little One - Kortni Jeane
I think we can all admit that it's hard to find swimwear that will meet the demands of a busy day at the beach with your little ones running around and exploring. There is so much to worry about: comfort, functionality, care, cost and style. Kortni Jeane Swimmers are the best choice for you and you little one for dozens of reasons! We wanted to highlight just a few of those reasons why KJ Swimmers will help you to relax and be able to focus on making memories with your minis, instead of worrying about their swimsuit.


All of our swimmers have been designed to be modest, while still being unique and trendy. Kortni Jeane swimsuits are specifically designed to provide adequate coverage for you and your mini, so you don’t have to worry about tugging and pulling on your swimmer all day on a beach/pool day.
Not only are KJ Swimmers modest and provide great coverage, the two-piece feature makes it easy for diaper changes and bathroom breaks during your day of fun in the water. That aspect can be hard for parents to manage at times, which is why we’ve created a swimmer that is modest, yet functional to get the job done.
With the variety of styles and patterns, you and your little can find something that will provide protection so you don't have to worry about nasty sunburns for your little one, or yourself!


Nobody likes to be uncomfortable in anything, let alone swimwear! Kortni Jeane swimsuits provide comfort for you and your little. Your mini will be able to play all day without feeling uncomfortable. What’s even better-- you'll be able to bend, run, jump, and play with them so the fun never has to end!


Kortni has designed her swimmers to be mix n’ matched so that you can match with your mini, becoming a dashing duo.
If that’s not something you’re into, our swimsuits allow you and your mini show your unique personalities through the variety of styles and patterns available to you.
Whatever you decide, you're swimsuit will be unique and perfect for you.


When it comes to littles, playing can become messy. The last thing you want to worry about is keeping your little one out of the sand or anything that could get their swimmer a little dirty. Fortunately, KJ swimmers come with care instructions so that you can keep it in prime condition for future outings. You'll be worry-free when your mini hits the sand.
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  • Amber Lawson on

    Can you guys make 6-9month swimsuits!? I’d love to match my little doll this summer!?

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