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Word of the Year - Kortni Jeane

We’re a month into 2021 and love the idea of choosing a Word of the Year! It really helps bring focus and clarity to what we want to create in our new year. Today we’re coming at you with the details of our team’s focus for 2021. If you’re struggling to pick your own word to focus on, you have full permission to steal ours OR follow the 5 steps to help you choose your word at the end of this post. Now, let’s see what words are motivating, inspiring, and challenging our KJ Team this year!


  • Joy (Alexis): A simple word, a simple concept; but something we make so difficult. Last year, I’d find myself feeling guilty for feeling any sort of joy because of all the world was going through. But as I’ve spent the past couple of days refocusing, I’ve learned that no matter what life brings or how low it takes me, I can survive. It terrifies me saying that because it’s definitely not an open invitation for life to keep throwing things my way. But I’ve also realized that’s how life works. I know life will always happen and spare no one, but the beauty in it all is the growth and joy that comes from the heartache, the joy we feel when we overcome the pain, and the freedom we feel when we let go of what no longer serves us. 
  • Love (Lara): I chose this word because I think everyone strives and needs to be/feel loved. I want to focus on self-love, as well as loving those around me more. To focus on this word, I am going to set aside a self-care night once a week. Whether that be painting my nails or watching a chick flick, just something that I enjoy doing! I also want to be more mindful and take the time to let my loved ones know how much I love and care for them.


  • Cultivate (Rebecca): This year I’m choosing to cultivate meaningful relationships, new talents, and a life that is authentic to who I am! To cultivate means that you are applying yourself  in order to acquire or develop something of value. I love that it’s an action word that says I will be intentional and dedicated to the areas of my life that I wish to improve. I am willing to put the time and work into cultivating  what matters most.

  • Change (Lucero): The reason why I chose this word this year is because I want to embrace change and create change in my life. Whether it be self-imposed or not, I want to see change as a positive thing. As simple as this sounds, if nothing changes, nothing changes! If I want to grow in 2021, I need to embrace and welcome change!


  • Relax (Kylie): I love to be busy, organized, and efficient. Last year I had the time of my life juggling grad school and three jobs. I am now graduated and still busy, so my focus of the year is to relax. That means being intentional about slowing down. Watching Netflix without multitasking. Breathing and sitting without planning what’s next. Being present when I’m socializing with friends/family. Sometimes relaxing feels like I’m wasting time, but there’s no waste in recharging and resting. 


  • Family (Hannah): I hope this year to be able to spend more time with family and reach out in different ways. To let them know I am here thinking of them, and truly love them. Growing up, family always came first. And as I’ve grown up and moved away it’s been harder to keep my family a priority. So I’m very grateful for the increasing capacities we have to stay connected and hope to take full advantage of them this year with my family.


  • Perseverance (Taylor): I feel like I have a lot of goals in my life right now: personal goals, fitness goals, financial goals, that all take time and effort. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to look at how far I want to go, so I’m trying to focus on the journey and the things I learn along the way and to persevere through challenging times so I can reach my goals.


  • Content (Gaby): I have spent so much time, especially in the last few years, focusing mainly on my next milestone and what will get me there. I am finally at a point where I feel as though I can slow down and learn to be satisfied with where I am with relative ease. So this year I would like to learn the art of being content.


  • Focus (Krista): I’m really trying to eliminate distractions and time-wasting! It’s hard but I want to focus on the things that really matter to me!

Stumped on what word to focus on for the new year? Here are 5 easy steps that will help you choose your word.


Take time to reflect on last year and ask yourself what you could use more/less of in your life, or what characteristics/feelings you’d like to have. Once you review your thoughts you’ll have a better sense of what direction you’d like to go. 



After some reflection, visualize what the perfect day in 2021 would feel like. How do you want to feel in the morning, at work, throughout the day, and right before bed. Really take time to meditate over this step. Your intuition will surprise you!


Create/Study a List
Now that you’ve visualized the feelings you’re looking for in the new year, take 10 minutes to create a list of words that come to your mind. And don’t edit your list! Let the ideas flow until you have a nice selection of words you can choose from.

Review your fancy new list of words and circle your three favorites. Chances are you’ll see a theme in the words you jotted down. Which words jump out at you or make you feel excited or scared? Sometimes the words that scare us mean we’re on the right track. Or focus on the word that brings you peace and empowerment. Honestly, let the words pick you.

Ask yourself 
Now that you’ve narrowed it down to three words, ask yourself, “Am I interested or am I committed?” If you’re only interested in the word, there’s a higher chance that you’ll make excuses as to why you haven’t put forth the effort towards your word. If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes to implement your word into your life. So out of your choices, which one are you committed to? That’s your Word of the Year! 
    We hope this helps you choose your word of the year! Let us know what word(s) you choose in the comments below and why. We’d love to hear from you. 
    Kortni Jeane + Team


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