Why You Should Have Matching Family Swimmers

Why You Should Have Matching Family Swimmers - Kortni Jeane
What makes Kortni Jeane swimmers more unique than the rest? Matching family swimmers of course! Getting the whole family in on the Kortni Jeane action has us all 😍 since there’s nothing like a #kortnijeanefamily lineup to melt your heart! From mamas to dads and sisters to brothers, we’re the one stop shop for your whole crew. So sit back and feast your eyes on why matching family swimmers from Kortni Jeane are the ONLY way to go:
We’ve got everyone covered. 
Kortni Jeane is not just for the ladies, but everybody! And for all ages! We’ve got tops, bottoms, and one pieces for mama’s, grandma’s, and aunties. That way you’re always joining in on the fun. Don’t forget about the leading men in your life, we’ve got trunks and shorties for them too. These bad boys are stretchy and comfortable, ready for every water adventure. Then move on down the lineup to our tweens and you’ll find tops, bottoms, one pieces as well as trunks, and shorts for ages 10 to 13! These swimmers won’t hold your tweens back as they show off in front of their friends. But wait, we’re not even done yet! We have swimmers and rashguards for your mini girls and boys, from ages 12-18 months to 8/9. You’ll love the way your littles look in these swimmers and the coverage they offer. Shrink it down and it’s instantly adorable, we’ve got swimmers for baby! Starting at 3 months, we’ve got baby covered all the way up to 9 months. Suit up your crew of all ages and you’re sure to be a hit wherever your swimmer takes you! 
Anything goes! 
Each family is their own and we love all the personalities out there! That’s why Kortni Jeane offers a variety of options in styles, colors, and prints! And with Kortni Jeane, anything goes! Picking a couple of colors and coordinating the family is beautiful yet subtle if you want to match but not be matchy matchy. We love to see who picks to match, who likes to coordinate, and who prefers to be uniquely their own. So whatever your family’s personality, have fun with it and make it yours! 
Next Level Family Photos 
Family photos in swimmers should be the new go-to, who’s in?? Say goodbye to khaki’s and white shirts and hello to the dreamiest and most unique swimmers you’ll ever see. Who says you have to have family photos at a studio or in best dress? We’re all heart eyes for beach or poolside pictures with every member of the family rocking their very own KJ swimmer. You can even get grandparents, aunts, and uncles in on the action if you’re getting your extended family photos done! Like we said, anything goes with Kortni Jeane. And who wouldn’t want to see a summer scene on a Christmas card, amiright??
Mommy + mini duos
There’s nothing quite as cheery as mommy + mini duos and it’s a great way to get boy moms in on the action! Whether you have all girls or all boys, there’s something for everyone. Have fun with it as you mix + match between yourself and your minis. 
Families that Kortni Jeane together, stay together
… or so I’ve heard. 
Just doesn’t get any better than seeing your whole crew all rocking your Kortni Jeane! Whether you want to match your crew, coordinate or each be unique, we’ve got everyone covered. If you haven’t jumped on the matchy family swimmer train, now’s your time to shine! For families big or small, we’ve got you covered? And if you need ideas, just shoot us an email at hello@kortnijeane.com for extra help on how to create the perfect family pallet. Which swimmers have you mix + matched for your family? Let us know below!
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