How to Mix + Match Patterns

How to Mix + Match Patterns - Kortni Jeane
Animal print, florals, prints unique to KJ... you name it, we’re big fans of pattern play over here! But we get it -- with so many patterns + prints to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know how to mix + match swimmers together. And pattern on pattern mixing can be SO intimidating! We’ve got some tips up our sleeve to approach mixing + matching, to make it a little easier and hopefully even more fun! The magic of Kortni Jeane is that anything goes! So even with these tips, don’t be afraid to create your combos all your own and make magic happen! 
Floral is a trend that will always be around and we’re here for it! Whether you’re into bold florals or small print, you need to be pattern mixing with floral! They’re one of the more versatile patterns in fashion so when in doubt, always pair floral with any other print! Florals are so different across the board so you can also try to double up on florals with one monochrome option + one multicolor option that picks up the first color. There is no better beginner pattern mixing than floral. So dive into the fun starting with that flower power!
All of these types of prints are fun for pattern mixing and just keep coming back! We’re perfectly okay with that! Animal print especially has always been considered neutral and can be mixed with just about anything! So if you’re nervous, start with leopard and branch out from there! Dots is another print that you think you’ve outgrown but we’re here to tell you to try again! They are super fun for pattern mixing! Stripes come in all different styles and are a great way to start pattern on pattern combos. So when in doubt, use one of these to start!
This is a fun fun fun approach to pattern play. Look at your personal Kortni Jeane stash and choose your all time favorite print that can dominate your look and pair it with another print that will work more like an accent print. This can be a neutral pattern, one of the three mentioned above, or one that’s just a little less bold than your dominant pattern. You’ll have to experiment with this tip to really figure it out, but that’s half the fun! Mix + match dominant and accent prints until you find a combo you fall in love with!  
One thing that makes pattern mixing work is pairing two patterns together with similar colors. Whether you’re matching tones or using prints that have one color in common, mixed prints in the same tonal range look put together more often than not. Even if the colors aren’t exactly the same, the same tones will definitely complement each other. In fashion they say, “when in doubt, go completely monochrome.” If you stick to same color classics you can take on just about any mixed patterns. 
Inverse means “the opposite or reverse”, and inverted color schemes are the PERFECT way to wear matching prints. So you could wear a swimmer with a  white background/black details on top pairing it with a black background/white details on bottom! But that’s just one example! Have fun with it, mixing inverted blues, reds, purples, you name it! Heck, with all the fun animal prints we’ve had, you could mix + match different kinds and colors of leopard, cheetah, and more!
So you want to get in on the pattern on pattern mixing and aren’t sure where to start… what about pairing your favorite print with ribbed swimmers?! Ribbed or textured fabric totally counts as pattern mixing! Or if you have one of our styles that have a lot of texture/detail, pair those with your all time favorite pattern. What a fun way to start mixing + matching in the easiest way! 
Floral on floral, stripes on stripes, dots on dots, mixing the same type of print is our jam! Thinking about scale can leave you with playful combinations of large pattern prints that pair well with small pattern prints. For example, choose a swim top with small dots and pair it with swim bottoms with large dots. You’ll love the result! We’ve never met a floral on floral combo that we didn’t like so definitely give this approach a whirl! 
Pairing naturals with bold prints is a fun way to show off two of your favorite prints! The bold prints will definitely overtake your neutral pattern, but there’s nothing wrong with that! As mentioned above, animal prints have always been considered a neutral, as are any patterns that have beige, ivory, taupe, black, and gray tones. And don’t forget about shades of white {Kortni’s personal favorite}. I mean, have you seen leopard prints with white prints?! They’re a dream come true… but I guess they’re considered a neutral on neutral combo here😅 
If pattern mixing still seems intimidating, start small! Swimmers are meant to leave you feeling comfortable and confident, so step out of your comfort zone only if you want + on a smaller scale! You don’t have to start with mixing bold, funky patterns! Start with patterns you’re already comfortable with and expand your horizons when you feel good about it. Wear what makes you feel good and rock those pattern mixing swimmers! 
Believe it or not, but prints are personal. Just because you love a print doesn’t mean everyone else is going to love it… and that is perfectly okay!!! The point of mix + matching with Kortni Jeane is doing what YOU love and finding the swimmer that’s perfect for YOU! So don’t be disheartened if not everyone loves your pattern on pattern combos -- WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! 
Just grab a swim top + swim bottoms and GO! Like we said, the magic of Kortni Jeane is that anything goes. Challenge yourself the next time you go on a water adventure to not even think about what you’ll mix + match. Close your eyes, grab a top from your stash, then reach for a bottom and see what you get to rock that day! It’s more fun than you think, trust us! Some of the best inventions were made from luck/chance, so why not swimmers??
Have you already come up with your own Kortni Jeane pattern on pattern combos?! With so many fun approaches, our brains are making tons of combos from our personal stash. If you try one of these approaches, we want to see! Be sure to tag us when you post your pics and let us know if you used one of these tips! Mix + matching should be a good time so just have fun with it!
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