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We’re mixing things up this year and taking a close up look at two of our dreamy styles with Wissali Holman! Wissali is coming at you with a little Q&A about Kortni Jeane swimmers and the life of an avid swimmer. Feast your eyes on her cute Scoop Back top in Ribbed Cashew + Cut High bottoms in Orange Leopard combo and check out why she loves Kortni Jeane! 
Q. How does putting on Kortni Jeane make you feel? 
A. Beautiful, specifically after having a baby! I love Kortni Jeane swimsuit styles because it make me feel confident, comfortable, and cute 🥰
Q. What is your personal style + what drew you to choosing the specific colors + styles you did?
A. I love colorful, bright, and fun colors/patterns. I love wearing something that is unique but still comfortable. I absolutely love cheetah prints! That will never grow old for me! 
Q. As a mom what makes putting on the suit important?
A. The knowledge that I will always love myself and my body despite the changes that I’ll face! I’m grateful for my body and for all the things that have gone through, especially with having a baby!
Q. What is your favorite memory of swimming?
A. I got to visit Brazil after 8 years of living in the US and my husband came with me. We decided to go swimming at Copacabana Beach at night and it ended up being one of my favorite memories! 
Thank you Wissali for being a part of our Kortni Jeane community! We’re so lucky to have such beautiful and confident women supporting and loving us at every turn. If you’ve loved what Wissali has shared, give her a follow on Instagram @brazillian.babe
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