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We’re here to play in our swimmers from sunrise all the way to sunset! But when it is time to slip out of our swimsuits, we love to care for them and help them last longer. Keeping your swimsuit clean is just as important as keeping the rest of your closet clean - and it doesn’t take long! Today we’re coming at ya with the best ways to care for your swimmer so it’ll last longer than ever!
Washing your swimsuit removes chemicals, dirt, deodorant, and everything else that builds up as you play. So the first thing you should do is hand wash your swimsuit using a mild detergent or soap. Swimmer fabric is sensitive and putting it in the washer + dryer ruins it. It never needs a deep clean and should be washed separately from other items to avoid bleeding or discoloration. 
Step up your cleaning routine with our very own stain removal formula: the KJ Stain Stick! It’s an easy on-the-go soap option that is all natural, effective, travel size, and truly unbeatable! You can use it as a gentle detergent or lather it on to work against tough stains. We’ve seen the stain stick take on makeup, sunscreen, deodorant, dirt, and much more! So whether you’ve got spills from your kiddos or are accident-prone yourself, there’s no need to worry! 
Once you’ve hand-washed your swimmer and took on those hard to remove stains with the stain stick, you’re ready to hang them up to dry. We recommend hanging your swimsuit in your bathroom, laundry room, or anywhere not directly in the sunlight. The sun can cause colors to fade, and we can’t have that! You also may want to consider removing the bra pads in your swimmer tops so they dry in the right shape. Nobody needs misshapen bra pads and odd dents where they shouldn’t be. Once your swimmer is dry, re-insert the bra pads for a “good as new” look. 
By taking care of your swimmer the right way you can be sure  to enjoy it for much longer! May you have many more beautiful vacations, hot tub sessions, and poolside adventures! Are you up for it all? Because your swimmers are! 
Kortni + Team


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