#getdressedwithKJ Valentine's Day Makeup Class

#getdressedwithKJ Valentine's Day Makeup Class - Kortni Jeane

 #getdressedwithKJ Valentine's Day makeup course

Are you ready for your close up? We are! For Valentine's Day, Kortni gifted us a makeup class with Brooke and Brittany from Twin Tested. They taught us all about applying makeup to look natural and what products are worth saving on and splurging for. We love Brooke and Brittany because they believe that makeup is personal, just like we do. Nobody has to wear makeup because we're all beautiful just the way we are! But makeup can also be a fun element of our personal style. The key is finding the right balance for you. So, whether you're prepping for photos or you just want to try something new to switch up your look, we've got some tips for you. 

#getdressedwithkj makeup course

Brooke and Brittany learned a lot in their previous jobs as Television Lifestyle Hosts. One of those things included learning the best tips and tricks of the beauty world. They'd often have friends ask them for makeup tips, so they decided to start offering makeup courses because they have so much to share. Most of us here in the office are far from makeup pros, so we had a lot of questions to ask. Luckily, Brooke and Brittany had all the answers.
Through our course, we learned to be cautious about applying too much makeup, tips for contouring, and what products match our skin tones. We used quality products from Brooke and Brittany's favorite tried and true brands like MAC, Urban Decay, IT Cosmetics, and BECCA. You can read all about their makeup "must-haves" introduced in their course here. Some of our group favorites were the MAC Prep & Prime spray we started with; the BECCA Soft Light Blurring Powder, which is perfect for a fresh finishing touch for photos; and the Stila liquid lipstick in Patina that truly looks good on everyone. 

 #getdressedwithkj twin tested makeup course

After we finished it was photo time! We were all happy with our natural glam looks and we'll be honest...it definitely made us all want to try ALL the makeup products. Sometimes you never know you like something until you try!

#getdressedwithKJ valentine's day makeup course

We absolutely love learning new fashion and lifestyle tips here at Kortni Jeane, so we're glad Brooke and Brittany came to share their golden tips. Follow along @twintested  for more fabulous lifestyle tips and ask about their makeup courses! 
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