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You've spent a long day at the beach and come home and hit the sack. As soon as you do, you realize your mistake. The burning starts and you know it's only the beginning. Not wearing a rash guard comes with many regrets like this and we want to save you (and your kids) from those regrets from not wearing a rash guard. That's why, for the first time ever, Kortni Jeane is selling rashguards for the whole family!  We have three new styles for minis, tweens, and women offering you plenty of options for your next family outing.
I know what you're I really need a rash guard? Let's chat. How many times do you have to put sunscreen on yourself, let alone your kids? What if you didn't have to worry about reapplying every hour to save yourself from a world of sunburn torture? Spending an entire day out in the sun, or even an afternoon, makes it nearly impossible to protect your skin simply by using sunscreen. Rash guards also protect you from the sand blasting power of the ocean that is sure to bring rashes and scratches. Last of all, when you're in the ocean with mounds of seaweed and debris, it's comforting to know that none of it will end up in your swimmer. Rash guards truly save you from so much worry and allow you to enjoy the day, rather than dreading the after effects. Because we know rash guards are so important, we couldn't be more excited to show you all our new styles! Let's dip into Rashguard paradise: 
Kortni Jeane mini rashguard one-piece
Bring on the boogie boarding! These Mini Rashguard One-Pieces give your kids all they need for an entire day at the beach. They offer full coverage without stifling your child's style. And of course, they cover all areas of their skin from the sun and sand, so while your child is figuring out just how aggressive the waves can be at the beach, their skin will be protected from painful sand burns and ocean debris. Choose coordinating ones for the entire family, or let each kid choose their own. 
kortni jeane mini and youth rash guard tops
We designed the Mini & Youth Rashguard tops to specifically cover your kids backs and shoulders. This is also a perfect option for beating the heat. Lots of us struggle staying cool when the sun beats on our skin when we dry off from our dip in the pool. This top allows you to stay cool by taking a dip in the pool and keeping the cold water in your rash guard top while continuing in your other activities. When it's boiling hot outside and the only solution is staying wet to cool off, this is a huge relief! It's also a fabulous alternative to a wetsuit when it's too hot outside for the thick material, but your skin needs to be covered. 
kortni jeane mini and youth wrap-top rashguards
Our Mini & Youth Wrap-top Rashguards are for our darling girls who want to protect their skin and be stylish at the same time. They pair perfectly with our High-Waisted bottoms and mainly cover their shoulders, one of the most vulnerable areas to the beating sun. The shortened torso also goes perfectly with our swimsuit tops because it allows a little bit of fabric from the swimmer underneath to be seen, creating (can you believe it) even more opportunities for mix n' matching! With this added bonus, you'll be loving your styling options with up to 6 colors and prints featured on your swimsuit. This top is sure to keep your girls skin baby soft and they are bound to adore them as much as we do!
kortni jean wrap-top rashguard for women
And yes, of course you can match your kids! We have our Wrap-top Rashguard for women as well, because you deserve the same perks and stylish options. Best of all, the new Mini girls, Tweens, & women's Wrap-top Rashguards can be worn two ways! That's right. One style is never good enough for us. We need variety! It can be changed simply by putting it on forwards or backwards, with either the tie in front, or in back as shown here:
kortni jeane wrap-top rash guard
Either way is the right way! It's just an added measure to mix up your style and love your swimmer even more.
We can't wait to see matching families on their beach vacations this year. Be sure to tag @kortnijeane in all of your photos so we can fawn over your family vacations and share our love for Rashguards with the world. 
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