Up Close Look: New Patterns & Colors

Our latest launch of the 2016 Resort Swim Line has been one of our favorite launches yet! We wanted to give you a quick overview of what's available (new patterns, colors, styles and combos) so that you are well equipped to purchase your next swimmer. We know it can be a hard choice! 
With every new swim line, Kortni chooses never-seen-before patterns and colors so that you always have a fresh mix n' match swimsuit. Below are the new patterns and colors in the current swim line

Ditzy Floral

Kortni Jeane Ditzy Floral

Tan Stripes

Kortni Jeane Tan Stripes



Flower Fields

Kortni Jeane Flower Fields


Kortni Jeane Grasshopper


Kortni Jeane Fuchsia

Blue Roses

Kortni Jeane Blue Roses


Kortni Jeane Black


Kortni Jeane Melon
What is your favorite pattern or color?
It's okay if you can't just choose one we can't either.
Kortni Jeane + Team

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