The Swim Skirt—Not Just for Your Mom

The Swim Skirt—Not Just for Your Mom - Kortni Jeane
Ladies. We know that when you think of wearing a swim skirt you go immediately to saying “my mother wears a swim skirt— I would never wear that!” Give us a moment to change your mind!
Swim skirts may have gotten a bad rap in the past, but they are definitely making a comeback. The Kortni Jeane High-Waisted swim skirt has been designed to make you feel both cute and confident—no matter your age.
Here is why you should be obsessed with our swim skirts as much as we are.

Back to Classic

Styles always come back around and the same is true for the high-waisted swim skirt. The fashionable swimwear of the 1940s has now made a bold comeback in the 21st century—of  course with a modern twist. These days, classic styles are always in fashion, so a swim skirt is a must-have.

Flirt Skirt

The contemporary design of the swim skirt is shorter now with a slimmer cut, giving a more flirty and sassy feel. It takes away any frump-factor and lets you feel beautiful and radiant (but still modest) in your swimwear!
Kortni Jeane high-waist swim skirt

Confidence + Coverage

It’s a known fact that a swim skirt offers more coverage. This style of swimwear is stress-free & functional—you can get in and out of the pool with no pulling or tugging. Finally, you will be able to lounge by the seaside without constantly adjusting your bottoms—not to mention complete freedom from those pesky wedgies (we all get them!) Swim skirts allow you to focus solely on having fun with the people you are with and to be confident while you do it.   

It’s All About the Top

You might think that looking good in a swim skirt is solely dependent on the style of skirt. While of course this may be a factor, the secret is finding the right swimsuit top— it’s the best way to complete your look! Take a look at some of our favorite KJ swim crop tops that will go swimmingly with your swim skirt. There are plenty of mix n’ match swimmers to choose from to make sure you get the perfect look just for you!
Kortni Jeane Swim Skirt
Kortni Jeane Swim Skirt
Kortni Jeane Swim Skirt
So ladies, don’t take our word for it. Head over here to purchase your first (or 7th!) swim skirt. Your wardrobe will thank you later.
Kortni Jeane + Team 


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