Up Close Look: Mid-Ruffle Bottoms

Up Close Look: Mid-Ruffle Bottoms - Kortni Jeane

Mid-Ruffle Bottoms

We're always thinking up new styles to keep our swimmers unique and our newest bottoms are in! When creating a new swimmer combo, it's all in the details. The Mid-Ruffle bottoms are just what you need to add a dainty touch to your swimmer collection. We're diving into all of the perfect details here!👇🏻

mid-ruffle bottoms details

This dainty little ruffle typically falls just above the hips and flares out about 1 inch for a subtle detail. It continues all the way around, channeling our inner ballerina. 😍 Can we wear these to dance class please? Good thing these bottoms come in women's, youth, and mini sizing. It's one you can match with for the whole family!

mid-ruffle bottoms feature 

We're especially loving how these fit on all sizes, curving to your natural waistline to show your shape, whether it's curvy, straight, or anywhere in between. These pair flawlessly with the tops with more length, such as our Ruffled Around top or Squared Up top. Sometimes the length of the top covers the bottom details, but not with these! The hip ruffle is low enough that it still shows! In addition, it pairs perfectly with our tops that have a little more flare at the bottom, like our Swing, Scoop Back, and V-Neck tops. The little ruffle on the bottoms echoes the flare on top. Something about it just feels right!

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Are you thinking this just may be the perfect piece you need to change up your swimsuit wardrobe? They won't disappoint! They're available in all of our Take Me to The Tropics Collection colors + prints so don't miss out! We can't wait to see what you think of this new bottoms style as well as our new top style. Give them both a try!


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