2 Swimmers 4 Ways - Take Me to the Tropics 🌺

2 Swimmers 4 Ways - Take Me to the Tropics 🌺 - Kortni Jeane
2 Swimmers 4 Ways - Take Me to the Tropics ***PART 2

We’re taking you to the tropics with our newest collection for all your backyard adventures! 🏖 Staying home won't last forever and we're not hesitating to daydream about ocean views and lazy days by the water. With tropical florals, turtles, and bright hues, this collection is just what we need to make our dreams a reality! Here's a little taste of just how much fun these mix n' match options can be!

2 Swimmers 4 Ways - Take Me to the Tropics
magenta + ribbed bronze
We didn't know we needed these colors so bad until we saw them!  😍 We can attest that this true magenta will look good on everyone. This red-with-a-tinge-of-purple has us wowed! It's the perfect bold solid, not too dark and not too light. It's going to look so pretty paired with everything past + present! This solid on solid combo is complete with our Ribbed Bronze, a dark golden yellow that acts as a unique neutral. The best part? It's ribbed, so you know it's super soft and adds that texture we love to your swimmer combo! Paired together, the Magenta really brings out the golden yellow tones of the Ribbed Bronze and it's the perfect contrast!
2 Swimmers 4 Ways - Take Me to the Tropics
magenta + turtles
Switch out those bottoms for a bold dark blue. What are those little dots you ask?  Sea turtles!  🐢 The pattern is subtle, so it's easily paired with anything bold or neutral. The turtles have a golden center, light teal body, and a hint of pink. This pattern comes in all styles for women, minis, and men just like of of our patterns from our Take Me to the Tropics Collection, so matching is a must! Here's an up close look of our Turtles:
Turtles up close look
2 Swimmers 4 Ways - Take Me to the Tropics
tropical floral + turtles
This combo is the epitome of Take Me to The Tropics! With sea turtles and Tropical Floral you'll be dreaming up your next trip to Hawaii in no time! Tropical Floral is all about yellows and pinks, including a hint of Magenta. Florals are typically a bolder pattern, so Turtles is just what we needed for a unique mix without too much going on in this combo. Together, these golden tones make a perfect match!
up close look: tropical floral
2 Swimmers 4 Ways - Take Me to the Tropics
tropical floral + ribbed bronze
Last of all, we're back to our Ribbed Bronze. We're finding that Ribbed Bronze pairs well with everything in sight! With this deep mustard tone you can't go wrong. Together with Tropical Floral, it brings out the yellows for an overall golden look. Bring on the tropical sunshine vibes!
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Aren't these combos to die for!? Mixing n' matching is our specialty, but you're experts too! Tag us using #kortnijeaneswimmers so we can see your favorite past and present combos for daily inspiration. Wishing you all sunshine and good vibes!
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