Up Close Look: Flower Power 🌸

Up Close Look: Flower Power 🌸 - Kortni Jeane

Up Close Look: Flower Power

It's National Flower Day and we think it deserves to be celebrated! What's not to love about these gorgeous pops of color in our everyday lives? Whether you see roses on your way to work or pickup peonies at the local market for your someone special, flowers say a lot. This time of year they're saying spring is here! There's truly no better pattern to match the coming sunshine and warm weather than Flower Power, so let's take a closer look:

flower power pattern

Loosely brushed flowers and 70's vibes are giving us life! We're making our own rainbow with this mix of warm tones and it's been a hit so far! This mix is bound to be a unique pattern so you won't have to worry about matching anyone else at the pool. Now what's the best way to mix 'n match such a fun pattern?

Flower Power feature

With a variety of bright colors included, Flower Power isn't hard to pair! If you're having trouble knowing where to start, simply match with one of the colors above, which includes our Dark Orange, Light Orange, and Cotton Candy Pink from our Making Lemonade Collection. It's also set on off white, so pairing any color in addition to white or black will work.

shop oversized ruffle
But don't stop there! The best part about our swimmers is that anything goes! You can get as funky as you want and everyone will love it! Don't be afraid to mix 'n match patterns to play around with combo creations. Stripes + floral? Floral + polka? Palm + floral? Yes, yes, and YES! You never know, you just may love it!

 mini girls swimsuits

Flower power wouldn't be complete without matching your minis! So don't worry, we've got matching suits for girls + boys of all ages. Our mini girls are going gaga over this one! They know just what they like and we think we can all learn a little something from their fearless style! Now just throw some matching mini Flower Power Sunnies in the mix and you've got some photo worthy swimmers! 

Mini Flower Power Sunnies

Will you join in the Flower Power crew? We'll take any excuse we can to celebrate National Flower Day. We may or may not be buying flowers on the way home from work today and wearing all of the floral patterned clothes. Now we're just dying to see what you choose to pair with Flower Power! Will it be simple and bright or bold and funky? Until next time!
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