Traveling With a Baby

Traveling With a Baby - Kortni Jeane
Traveling with a Baby
I never thought twice about traveling with our little one when we decided to add a baby to our family, but we have learned a thing or two along the way. Throughout Vinni’s first year we’ve gone on flights LONG and short, sat endless hours in cars and seen many different areas of the world! Each adventure just as special as the last, we've loved having our peanut in tow, making each memory that much more beautiful. I hope these tips help you not be afraid to travel with your little ones and encourage you that the extra work is worth those sweet memories.
Through it all I have learned a few hacks and gathered a few tips + tricks to help your travels with your babies go a little more smoothly!
First things first, remember:
Travel Tips with a baby intro
These are simple but important to keep in mind when headed on any trip with your little ones, whether it be out of the country or a weekend visit at your in-laws. Babies and kids are so forgiving, we don't give them enough credit when it comes to flexibility, so do NOT be afraid to get out there.
packing like a pro:

Traveling with a Baby

1. Pack into as few suitcases as possible.

Strollers, car-seats, and pack n’ play/cribs check through at no additional cost. HOWEVER, did you know that you can push your stroller right up to the gate when boarding the airplane and then they will have it for you right there when you deplane? It makes it easy to slip your baby right into and have a place to throw your crap, especially if you have a layover. Both of these options don’t cost you anything. We’ve done both, just depending on where we are headed.
I recently discovered the Slumberpod and wish I had found it sooner! When room sharing this has been a game changer. With a spot to tuck in your monitor you can keep an eye on your little one while giving them the space they need for good naps and a good nights sleep. I don't know about yours but if my baby sees me it's game over. Plus it is folds up to be about the size of a shoe box so I easily throw it into my luggage!

2. Only bring one carry-on.

The less you have to hassle with, the easier. I prefer a backpack to help keep my arms and hands free. My favorite backpacks for traveling are:

Fawn Design Original

  • Opens nice and wide so it’s easy to see everything at once
  • Lots of pockets {hallelujah}
  • Lightweight
  • High quality {this thing has lasted years} 
Fawn Design Pack
  • A new-found love {it's more masculine so my husband doesn’t mind wearing it, which is a huge plus!}
  • Holds mine and babies stuff nicely {I love the back padded laptop pocket}
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of pockets and plenty of space
Mina Baie Stevie
Mina Baie Stevie:
  • Huge in size, which I love for long trips and international travel
  • Lots of pockets and plenty of space {seriously holds so much}
  • Opens nice and wide
  • Keep in mind this is a little heavier because it is a bigger bag
Mina Baie Harper
Mina Baie Harper:
  • Wide opening
  • Lots of pockets and space
  • Lightweight
  • A favorite of mine and often my go-to
Nena and Co Convertible Bag
Nena and Co Convertible Bag:
  • Unique and beautiful
  • Amazing quality {will last a lifetime}
  • Plenty of pockets and room
  • Comes in several sizes depending on your needs {Large linked, medium and small options available!}

3. Pack accessibly.

Kortni Jeane waterproof clutch + portfolio

  • Sort all your things by category so you can grab what you need without digging through a messy bag. I like to use our Wet + Dry Portfolio to store toys, my personal items and my very best hack- diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and changing pad in one bag so that you only need to take that with you and not your entire diaper bag to the bathroom. Bathrooms on airplanes are SO small, so the less you have to try to juggle the better.
  • Depending on how long your travel day is this can be adjusted but bring two extra outfits onto the plane, cause you cannot predict what may happen!

Side note: footie PJs for babies are my favorite cause they protect them from exposure to germs without any hassle. Here are some of my favorites:

Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby

Mebie Baby

Mebie Baby

Lou Lou & Co.

Lou Lou & Co.


4. New toys!

Toys for traveling with babies

These don’t have to be anything expensive or fancy, just something your baby hasn’t played with before so that it will be extra exciting and capture their attention longer. There are a lot of toys I can recommend but for the sake of this not being the longest list ever here are some favorites I’ve found that are a little more out of the norm:
  • Gel Window Clings - I usually get these in the dollar section at Target. They get seasonal ones every time they restock the section so they are always easy to find and only $1 for a pack. Get some for your departure and pack a second in your suitcase to use on return. These keep my babies attention the longest! Whether you are sitting in the window or use the seat in front of you, they work great!
  • Activity Wheel - this is bulky but great for all ages and provides some great entertainment
  • Globbles - I randomly came across these in the craft section at Target and I carry them with me everywhere. My little guy is obsessed with balls but I can’t have him throwing those everywhere so these are a happy middle-ground. They are entertaining for all ages too. The best part is you can wash them and they clean up really well. Be warned, these get nasty since they are sticky and collect every fuzz, hair, and crumb…
  • Puff stickers - I like the 3D stickers because they are easier for little hands to play with and can’t be ripped into a million pieces like my guy likes to do.
  • Dimpl I love this more than I can express. I got it around my babie's 6 month mark and he would hold it, stare at it, and chew on it. As he’s gotten older it's still one of his favorite toys and keeps his attention for longer than I would imagine. He has evolved with age to push the bubbles from one side to the other over and over and over again.
  • Water Wow These are great for all ages. Easy to use and they don’t make a mess!
  • Boogie Board - This is better for kids 12 months and up, but it is magic!
  • Cheese Toy - Does anyone else's kid love anything with holes in it? This is a little heavier but not bulky and big.
  • Squigz - I just bring 3-5 of these and they stick to any surface, whether it's the window or table. Also a great teether for younger babies!
  • Magnet toysMudpuppy Magnetic Builder and Pocket Prisms are my fav. I feel like my baby is just starting to get to the age that he can play with these and he finds them fun (he’s now 14 months).
  • Slinky : Great for all ages.
  • Measuring Tape: Toys that aren’t toys seem to be gravitated to more often 🤷🏼‍♀️

the airport, stress free:

Traveling with a Baby

1. Water

Did you know you can bring water through TSA when you have a baby?! It just has to go through an additional screening but is usually fairly quick and painless. But can takes a hot minute so expect to wait, but you can bring it through! This includes formula, baby food, and breast milk. What a lifesaver, huh!

2. Identification

We have a passport for Vinni, so we just take that with us when we travel. You can also use their birth certificate. They don’t usually ask for it (surprisingly) but for those cases when they do, you want to make sure you have it on hand.

3. Going Through Security

What feels like I’ve now done about a million times I've learned what’s easiest for me. First of all, definitely wear your baby! It’s so much easier to be hands free when getting your crap through. I have been asked a couple of times to take my baby out but 99% of the time they let me wear him through the scanner without any problem. Depending on the age of your baby I like to use these carriers:

Ergo baby carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier


Wildbird Sling

Solly Baby wrap

Second comes the stroller trick. Like I mentioned above, you can bring your car-seat and stroller all the way up to gate check. The nice part about having your stroller is that you can push your baby/kids around with all your crap. The majority of the time we have brought our stroller through, they make us break it down and send it through the scanner. However, a couple of times they let us just push it on through. Praise those TSA security people. 🙏🏼
Lastly, organize. Have everything already divided into separate bags. That way, if you need to take out bottles, liquids, electronics etc. it’s easy to send through the right things and put them back in on the other end. I love to use the Simple Clutch and Wet + Dry Portfolio as reusable bags for all my needs. I will pack one with toys, one with diapers/wipes, and one with food/snacks so when my baby needs something I can easily grab the bag needed.

4. Boarding

  • Families with kids get priority boarding 👏🏻. It’s nice to get on, get settled, and have room for your stuff; However, I prefer to be one of the last to plane in order to have as little time as possible waiting for takeoff; my baby gets real antsy.
  • Check their diaper before you board/takeoff to try to avoid blowout. It’s also easier to change in the airport bathroom than the tiny airplane one so it’s a win-win.
  • Let your baby suck to acclimate their ears on take off and landing. Whether this be a bottle, breast feeding, a binky, baby food in a pouch, or even a dang sucker, your baby will be so much happier sucking as you takeoff and land. I’ve even gotten desperate and let my baby suck on my (CLEAN) finger.

baby safe sanitizer and wipes

  • Last but not least, SANITIZE. Right when I get to my seat I start wiping down every surface. I don’t care if anyone around me thinks I am crazy. It's worth keeping your little one away from as many germs as possible. I like using travel size sanitizing wipes (there are a million options out there so grab whatever you can find wherever you usually shop). Babyganics Wipes are great for babies since they are safe for hands and cheeks! I also love having Babyganics Sanitizer and Theives Hand Purifier on hand at all times.

Traveling With a Baby

My hope is to help you feel confident in taking your babies along on your adventures with you, no matter how far or near those may be. From 12 hour airplane rides to weekend getaways, we’ve really worked through a lot of do's and don'ts when traveling with a baby. AND SO CAN YOU! 
Tell me, do you feel ready to travel with your little one?? My hope is that this list has helped to relieve some of your worries so you can get out there and make some memories! Where will you be traveling with your baby? 

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