Dressing For a Day at the Beach

Dressing For a Day at the Beach - Kortni Jeane
We have seen so many women sit on the sidelines when wearing a swimsuit is required because they just can’t get themselves to put it on. We hate seeing women missing out on the fun with friends, kids, and family, especially when they’re missing out on memories at the pool, lake, or beach. Kortni Jeane’s biggest goal is to design and sell swimwear that helps women have fun, feel comfortable, and enjoy places like the beach! Today we’re giving you some tips and tricks for dressing for a day at the beach, so that you can feel comfortable and confident while making some memories!   

Wear a swimsuit that fits

Don’t wear anything that is uncomfortable, do yourself a favor and invest in a swimsuit that flatters your frame. We all have unique bodies, and there’s a swimmer option that can fit for anyone. It seems simple but how many times have we packed things that we’re not really confident in. No more! Don’t force a fashion look or trend that doesn’t fit your body or personality.

Wear a cover-up you love

Always have some kind of cover-up, since you never know where all the fun in the sun will take you. In case you end up on an impromptu lunch date or exploring nearby towns with friends, always pack something that will pair with or cover-up your swimmers. If cover-ups aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other options, like a knotted long t-shirt, denim cut-offs, boho pants, or even a maxi dress. It might also be good to think about what you’re doing after the beach, so you can dress for the occasion without having to change out of your swimmer entirely.
Dressing For a Day at the Beach

Wear sand-friendly footwear

For a day at the beach, you’ll want footwear that can be taken on and off easily and won’t be damaged by water or sand. Whatever your jam, pack shoes that will help you navigate the beach. You could bring cute sandals, flip-flops, or even our Kortni Jeane Jelly Shoes. You don’t have to sacrifice your own personal style either! Find footwear that is best for you and fits your personality! Just make sure those shoes are comfortable.
Dressing For a Day at the Beach


While jewelry may not be the way to go for a day at the beach, there are so many summery accessories to choose from! Our first go-to accessory is always a wide-brimmed hat. These are casually glam and protect your scalp, face, and eyes from the sun. You really cannot go wrong with a cute beach hat. We also love accessorizing with hair scarves, which adds some flare to wet or sand blown hair. Plus, don’t forget your cute shades! Whether it’s flower power sunnies or your favorite pair of aviators, embrace your own style and play it up with perfect beach accessories!
Dressing For a Day at the Beach

Bring a chic beach bag

A chic and functional beach bag is more than an accessory, it’s an essential! Throw everything you need into a stylish and practical beach bag that you’ll love carrying around. Our favorite big bags are our own Kortni Jeane Backpack, Logan + Lenora Beach TotesBaggu, Fawn Design originals, and Nena & Co bags. Any beach bag needs to be roomy enough for your towel, cover-up, sunscreen, snacks, a book, and other beach essentials. Plus, you could even keep things organized and separated with one of our waterproof clutches or portfolios. Again, embrace your own style and find whatever works for you! 

Nothing makes us happier than seeing women feel beautiful and confident on their way to the beach! No matter what you choose to wear, embrace your personality so you can actually enjoy your day at the beach. That inner confidence and comfort will shine outward and leave you glowing all while you’re busy making those memories. What are your go-to’s for dressing at the beach? We’d love to know!
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