Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019 - Kortni Jeane

Did you miss any of these blog posts? Don't worry! We complied a list of our top ten blog posts from this year that are must reads! They vary from helping you find the right swimmer to embarrassing swimsuit malfunction stories, so you won't want to miss out on any of them! Jump in!

1 Top, 3 Ways: The Tied-Up TopTop Ten Blog Posts of 2019

One of our #1 selling tops, and for good reason, is our Tied-Up top. With three ways to tie it up, there's so much variety in just this one top! We're always getting questions about how to tie it these three ways, so here's our tutorial that will help you perfect these techniques. Enjoy!

Seven Post-Partum Must-HavesTop Ten Blog Posts of 2019

Kortni shared her advice on all of the products she couldn't live without after having Vinni. As a first-time mom, it's hard to know just what to expect. Kortni's sharing her knowledge with you so that you can be prepared for the beginning of your journey into motherhood without too much worry. This post is helpful for first-time moms and experienced moms alike!

10 Worst Swimsuit Malfunctions and How to Avoid Them

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2019

If you're looking to add some humor to the mix, this should be your first read! We asked on our Instagram for swimsuit malfunction stories prior to discovering Kortni Jeane and you guys didn't let us down! We got so many hilarious stories to share! Reading them will give you a good laugh and make you grateful that these {hopefully🤞🏻} haven't happened to you. 😂

1 Top, 4 Ways: The Ruffled Around TopTop Ten Blog Posts of 2019

Our second in line for tops that let you mix up your style is the Ruffled Around top. 4 ways to wear one top is a bargain! See how to style it each way so that you can have even MORE mix 'n match options.

How to Get the Best ShaveTop Ten Blog Posts of 2019

Why is shaving still so difficult!?! If you can't afford laser hair removal (like most of us) why can't you still have gorgeous smooth and silky legs? The secret!? YOU CAN! This shaving technique is one of our best kept secrets that we're letting you in on. So many people have already tried it and been shocked by the results. What are you waiting for!?

The Benefits of High-Waisted SwimmersTop Ten Blog Posts of 2019

Why are we keeping high-waisted bottoms around forever? All of the answers can be found in this post! Once you try high-waisted bottoms, you won't want to go back! Nobody does high-waisted better than Kortni Jeane!
Up Close Look: Maternity Swimmers

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2019

One of our frequently asked questions is "What size of maternity swimmer should I get?" This blog explores the best sizing and style options for each trimester of pregnancy as well as tops that go well with your bump. Every mom and future mom needs one of our staple maternity bottoms, so read all about how to find the perfect fit here.

Behind the Scenes of Our Fruity Collection PhotoshootTop Ten Blog Posts of 2019

This photoshoot was a blast! And of course we can't forget how much we fell in love with our Fruity Collection swimmers! If you've ever been interested in the behind the scenes of our photoshoots, this is the post to read. The best part!? We shared ALL of our favorite accessory companies that we use for these shoots because they add so much fun to the photos! Are you as obsessed with them as we are?

Nursing Friendly swimsuit topsTop Ten Blog Posts of 2019

Designing swimsuit tops that are nursing friendly is a priority for us! We want to treat you fellow mamas to the style and comfort you deserve! In this post you can find all of our favorite nursing friendly tops along with tips for using each. Plus there's a bonus! Most of these are our best-selling tops because they've earned a reputation as the most comfortable, supportive, AND flattering options. 🙌🏻

Best Swimsuit Tops for Larger BustTop Ten Blog Posts of 2019

Ladies with larger busts, you're going to love these! We're always getting asked what we suggest for bigger chests and you simply can't go wrong with these five tops!

It's been an amazing year and so much has happened on the blog! What's been your favorite post? We love answering your questions on here, featuring our favorite customer photos, and diving into all of the fun we have at Kortni Jeane! Here's to another amazing year to come! 🍾

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