Tips + Tricks For Buying Swimsuits Online

Tips + Tricks For Buying Swimsuits Online - Kortni Jeane

Tips + Tricks For Buying Swimsuits Online

We totally get it -- shopping online can feel incredibly intimidating. There is so much comfort and stability in going to a store, feeling fabric, and testing out the fit of items before buying them. But we at Kortni Jeane are here to tell you that online shopping is the best way to go! Not only is shopping online convenient, it’s also the kind of shopping that you can do at your own pace and when it’s best for you! The internet is always open! Skip the lines and crowds and take a look at our tips + trick for buying swimsuits online to make it a better experience for you!  

Past sale tips + tricks

Before we jump into details, first we wanted to share our general tips for buying anything online (specifically during sales):
  • Know your size + favorite styles before you shop! This means, before flash sales or collection launches, familiarize yourself with our website. Plan ahead and decide what size you’d be interested in and which styles are your favorite. Having your wishlist items in mind and being able to navigate the site is crucial for shopping online, especially if there’s a sale rush for those swimmers.
  • Review our size chart and email to get help before sales or even purchasing during regular times
  • Have fun + get lost in the fun of mix n’ matching the swimmer of your dreams.
We only have TWO online warehouse sales a year, one in the spring and one for the fall. You can easily be the first to know about these sales by turning on post notifications and subscribing to our email list. It’s basically like being a VIP KJ member who doesn’t miss out on anything happening in our swimmer world! 
Tips + Tricks For Buying Swimsuits Online

Fit tips + tricks


  • We understand the struggle of seeing something online, loving the color, and then not loving the color as much in person. We at KJ work so hard to provide our customers with the most accurate depictions on our website using our color swatches. These are the most true to color + have no editing. You can find the color swatches at the bottom of every swimmer description. Also check out our Instagram story highlights for swimmer close-ups because we often compare similar colors in order to give you an even better idea of what color you’re getting. 
  • If you have some favorite colors + patterns in mind, but still aren’t sure about how to mix them together, we’ve got another trick for you! For tips on mixing + matching, check out all our different 2 Swimmers 4 Ways posts. These give you ideas on how to mix n’ match various patterns + colors so you can try out combos you never would have before!

    Tips + Tricks For Buying Swimsuits Online

    Specific to our brand:

    • When shopping online, there are a few things to remember that are specific to Kortni Jeane. First, we have new lines launching every 8-12 weeks. We love keeping our swimmers as unique as possible, which means we like to come out with new colors + prints + styles as often as we can. Second, because we release new collections so often, we do not restock anything {except for black}. So, if you find something you love, you have to snag it while you can! Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

    Buy/Sell/Trade page

    If you’re looking for an online community that is all about Kortni Jeane swimmers, our Kortni Jeane Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page is the place for you! This is a go-to place if you’re looking for advice on swimmers, to buy + sell + trade items, and for experiences from women who are very familiar with Kortni Jeane. 

    Tips + Tricks For Buying Swimsuits Online

    Well there you have it! Online shopping doesn’t need to be intimidating anymore! Take advantage of shopping from the comfort of your own home {or desk at work} with all these tips + tricks. Which ones did you find the most useful? Let us know below! Happy shopping KJ squad!  
    Kortni Jeane + Team


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