Favorite Beach Snacks

Favorite Beach Snacks - Kortni Jeane
Favorite Beach Snacks
What do we love as much as the beach and swimmers? Food of course! So you know our favorite kind of food are the snacks that we can take with us to the beach. Nothing beats sitting on the beach, laying back in our cute KJ swimmers, and munching on something delicious. Open up those coolers and trendy beach bags, because we’re bringing you the very best and our favorite beach snack ideas. 
beach snacks frozen grapes
Frozen grapes are the PERFECT beach snack. Not only do they have a protective outer layer that keeps them from getting mushy, they’re also a nice refreshing treat! Did you know that if you freeze grapes, they can double duty as ice in your cooler or insulated bag? Just toss them in a baggie/container,  into the freezer in advance, then pull them out when you’re ready to eat them and enjoy a cold treat. They’re the sweetest and most nutritious beach snack.
veggies and hummus
Hummus is a great snack when you’re on the go, whether you pack it up yourself or buy the little individual hummus cups. Plus, hummus tastes great cold and warm, so it’s a great beach snack that’ll survive under the sun. Pair your hummus with your favorite veggies, like carrot sticks or cucumbers. Both of these veggies are a crisp and refreshing snack after a day in the heat, plus they’ll give your body the energy you need to finish out your fun day! We recommend storing both veggies and hummus in a sturdy container so neither of them get squished in your cute beach bag.
trail mix
Trail Mix is a great snack for the beach and comes in a variety of mixes. Dried fruit, nuts, and (sometimes) chocolate make for a yummy beach snack that is sure to fill you up. They are easy to stash and go!  The best part? If you make your own, you can tailor the ingredients to your taste. Mix together almonds, cashews, dried fruit, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, goldfish crackers, dry cereal -- anything you love. Only pass on the chocolate if you know it’s going to turn into a gooey mess in the heat of the sun. But if not, go for it!
Healthy and fun to eat, popcorn is a great beach snack and a natural whole-grain food that’s high in fiber! All you’ve gotta do is pop and season the popcorn yourself in order to make sure it stays healthy and tasty. We recommend avoiding butter for the beach, since it tends to get sticky and messy in the heat. Instead, add parmesan cheese, garlic powder, chili seasoning or any other dry spices that suit your fancy. Also, if you love your popcorn super salty, be sure to pack drinks because that popcorn is going to leave you feeling thirsty!
Can you even imagine a beach day without pretzels? These are one of the best beach snacks because they are filling, easy to pack, rich in carbohydrates, low in fat, and the perfect fuel for an energy-consuming day. We love all sorts of pretzels, whether they’re twists, sticks, nuggets or whatever shape you can find. Plus there are many different flavors available, including honey mustard, buttermilk ranch, buffalo, or even the whole-grain variety. Our personal favorites are Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels -- if you’ve never had these before, you have to try them! They’re lifechangers.
Wraps are one of the best beach snacks out there because they are a healthy and more durable alternative to sandwiches. Bread tends to get soggy or dry out on a hot beach day, but wraps can stay cooler longer and are usually smaller than cold cut or pb&j sandwiches. You can fill your wrap with veggies, meat, or even peanut butter and bananas, so go crazy in making it your own! 
protein bars
Where would we be without yummy protein bars on a busy day at the beach? If you need fast fuel that doesn’t need much maintenance, this will probably be your go-to! Protein bars are convenient and nutritious snacks that keep your blood sugar balanced while you’re playing in the waves and soaking in some sun. Make sure to look for protein bars that have high-quality protein sources, natural sweeteners, and whole-food ingredients. These will give you the most energy and keep you full when you need it most. 
apples and oranges
If you are a lover of fruit, we recommend apples and oranges for the best beach snack. These popular fruits are more indestructible than fruits like pears and bananas, which end up gushing fruit guts all over your stuff. Take them whole, or slice them up and store them in a container until you’re ready to eat! Fruit is the perfect way to hydrate after a long day under the sun. Plus, apples contain a lot of fiber, for healthy digestion, while oranges are packed with vitamins and nutrients. You really can’t go wrong with these fruits!
nut butter
Similar to hummus, our favorite nut butters can be the perfect, energizing snack that pairs well with many other snacks. This one can get messy so you can either bring the entire jar of your favorite nut butter, or pack some single-serve nut butter packs, which are creamier and easier to knead. We recommend pairing celery, apples slices, or rice cakes with your favorite nut butters and storing them in a hard container instead of a plastic bag. We recommend the OffBeat nut butters that come in unique flavors, like almond coconutcinnamon bun, buckeye brownie, and gingerbread cookie.
Some people aren't big fans (Kortni) while others can’t get enough of them (Nico). But you can’t deny that they are a perfect beach snack. They come frozen, so they’re perfect for throwing into a beach bag, letting them sit for a while, and then perfect for eating! Sometimes a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich just hits the spot after having a fun day out on the waves. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and salty. Uncrustables can be found with grape or strawberry jelly, or even a honey mixture, and will hold up better than a regular, homemade PB&J sandwich.  
Now you're prepared for long days in the sun! These are all simple, healthy, and inexpensive alternatives for picnicking on the beach. Now it's time to listen to the crashing waves, watch the sun set over the horizon, and munch on your new favorite snacks. 
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