Think Big, Shop Small

Think Big, Shop Small - Kortni Jeane
Think Big, Shop Small
Get in girl, we’re going shopping! The seasons of giving are on their way which means purchasing gifts is on our minds. And your shopping habits have a huge impact! This season, think big by shopping small! Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Today we’re coming at you with why shopping small is a big deal and will introduce you to our favorite small business brands! 

Why You Should Shop Small:

1. Support Someone’s Dream

Someone who owns a small business was brave enough to go after what they’ve always wanted! By purchasing their product or sharing their business with your family and friends, you are helping them do it! Trust us. It’s an amazing feeling to support a dream.

2. Their Livelihood Depends on Shoppers

Try to imagine the stress that comes along with being a small business owner. These brave people are giving it their all and hoping for enough success to support themselves and their family. They NEED amazing people like you to shop so they can pay their bills!

3. Better Customer Service

Most small businesses really do value their customers and will go above and beyond to make you happy. We’ve had awesome and personable experiences with other small businesses! Let them take care of you by shopping small. 

4. Offers Unique Products

If you are all about being uniquely yourself, small businesses are just for you! There is nothing basic about shopping small! These crafters, artists, and designers pour their hearts in their projects. You won’t find these gems at large chain stores. Even we make our swimmer collections so unique you never have to match your buddies at the pool!   
Think Big, Shop Small

5. Bring Your Community Together

Think about taxes and what happens when you shop with small businesses. Chances are these small businesses are also buying materials locally to run their shops. They often network and support the city by participating in fundraisers, donations, and banding together in times of need. But even more importantly, the sales tax goes right back into your community to help fund new projects and other community building endeavors. When you find a small business you love, share it with everyone in your community in order to give back to it.

6. Provide More Job Opportunities

The better small businesses do, the more job opportunities they can offer. Since starting her business Kortni has been able to grow KJ into a team of 15 employees and hopes to continue to offer new opportunities in years to come. Instead of supporting large companies that lay off hundreds of employees, support small businesses that will use all the resources they can get and hire locals!

7. It Feels Good

You can honestly shop wherever you want! It’s your hard earned money! There’s just something magical about knowing how your purchase made a bigger difference to a person and their family. It feels good to know you did your part to help show them love and support. Shop small to feel good! 
There’s a certain magic that surrounds the giving season, so why not give a little love to small businesses?? We know purchasing and giving gifts can be stressful, but maybe shopping small will help to minimize some of that stress. We love and appreciate every purchase ever made from us, so we know that other brands love and appreciate you too. Even if spending isn’t an option this year, we love and appreciate any sharing over social media as well. We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without all of you. 
Check out just a few of our favorite small business brands! Maybe you’ll find something you’ll love:

Lou Lou and Co.

Made by Mary

Promptly Journals

Fawn Design


Nena & Co.

Wink Naturals

Thread Wallets  

Gigi Pip

Rozie June



Copper Pearl
Pink Stork

Bao Bei Maternity

Primally Pure

Logan + Lenora

Tubby Todd

These don't even begin to cover all of the incredible businesses we've had the chance to get to know and support. There are hundreds more! What are your favorite small businesses either in your community or online? Share them below in the comments to spread the love!
Kortni Jeane + Team


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