10 Ways to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer

10 Ways to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer - Kortni Jeane
10 Ways to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer
When you have a favorite swimsuit you want it to last forever! Then we have good news for you! When swimsuits are taken care of the right way they can last for years to come! Lasting swimmers means more and more mix n' match options so we can't stay away! So how should you care for your swimsuit to make it last as long as possible? Let's dive right in!

1. Shower before entering the pool

We've seen the signs at the pool telling us to shower before entering, but we'll be the first to admit that sometimes we skip that step. Is keeping the pool clean really the only reason we shower before taking a dip? The answer will surprise you! When you shower in your swimsuit before entering the pool your swimsuit will soak up the clean water and absorb less chlorine water. Once it's already soaked, it can't absorb too much more. So although it will still absorb some chlorine water, the amount will be significantly less if you shower in clean water beforehand. Who knew right!?

2. Rinse ASAP

What you do in the hours after swimming is the most important part of making the most out of your swimsuit. Once you're done with your swim, it's best to rinse your swimsuit as soon as possible, especially if you've been in a chlorine pool. Even if you don’t have a chance to wash it yet, take it to the nearest sink and give it a brief rinse in cold water. One of the worst things you can do is let your wet swimsuit sit in the chemicals without any space to dry. We get it, it sounds like a pain, but doing this only takes a few seconds! Trust us, a few seconds to save your swimmers is worth it in the long run!

3. Wash your swimmers

Keeping your swimsuit clean is just as important as keeping your other clothes clean and it doesn't take long! We walk you through the steps of the best way to wash your swimsuit here. Washing your swimsuit removes chemicals, dirt, deodorant, and everything else that builds up as you play.

4. Use our Stain Stick to get out stains + residue

For an easy on-the-go soap option, try our stain stick. It's all natural, effective, travel size, and truly unbeatable! You can use it as a gentle detergent or lather it on and work into the fabric on tough stains. Check out our ultimate guide to getting out swimsuit stains here. We've gotten out makeup, sunscreen, deodorant, dirt, and much, much more! So whether you've got kid spills or are an accident-prone adult, there's no need to worry!
10 Ways to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer

5. Squeeze out extra water with a clean towel

Do you wring your swimsuits like you wring a towel? Think again! Wringing your wet swimsuit pulls on the fibers, causing early damage and stretch. Instead, use a towel to roll the swimsuit in and gently pat to remover excess water. This is more gentle and helps you avoid the dreaded "shot" swimsuit look too soon. In addition, drying your swimsuit before throwing it in your bag when you're out and about will aid in avoiding bad smells and mildew -- the ultimate swimsuit killers. Our takeaway: don't let that swimsuit stay soaked after you're done with your adventure.  💦

6. Never machine wash or dry

Machine washing and drying cause a lot of damage to swimsuits. The spandex and nylon materials that make up your swimsuit are not fit for the rough scrubbing and extreme heat that these machines use. Putting them through this will cause them to lose their elasticity and color much too quickly. If you must take away one thing from this post, it's that hand washing is the way to go!

7. Air dry, never sun dry

The sun is our best friend, but not when it comes to drying swimmers. Once you've washed your swimmers and patted them dry it's time to air dry. The biggest thing to avoid when doing so is putting them out in the sun. The sun causes severe discoloration over time and can also ruin the elasticity of the fabric. Instead, lay them out in a cool, well ventilated room without putting them in direct sunlight. This takes a little longer than drying them in the sun, but you'll notice the difference after a few times of air drying them.
10 Ways to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer

8. Avoid clipping or hanging wet swimsuits

When it's time to air dry, avoid clipping or hanging your soaking wet swimsuits. The heavy water pulls them down and stretches them out (which is another reason we suggest patting them with a towel to soak up excess water before laying them out to dry). Clipping them on a hanger also causes awkward misshapen marks that don't come out as easily as you'd think. These stretch marks can be easily avoided by laying your swimsuit flat on a surface to dry. Just make sure to flip it over half way through to ensure it dries efficiently. By laying your swimsuit out rather than hanging, you allow your swimsuit to keep it's shape and ultimately it's elasticity. We also understand that sometimes laying your swimsuit out isn't an option due to limited surfaces being, so gently hanging them after patting them dry is the next best thing.

9. Sit on a towel so you don’t snag your suit

Some things seem so simple, like why didn't I think of that!? This is one of those things we forget too often and regret. Snagged or pilling swimsuits are the worst and this is the best guaranteed way to avoid it. If you know you'll be sitting on cement, wood, or anything else that might snag, don't hesitate to grab a towel to sit on so you can carry on with your water adventures worry free!

10. Follow our hot tub tips

All this has us thinking, what else can we do to keep our swimsuits in their best shape? Well, we're sure you've heard how damaging hot tubs can be to swimsuits. We've all heard "don't wear a brand new swimmer in the hot tub" but do we really need to avoid hot tubs all together in our beautiful swimsuits!? Of course not! We have tips for caring for your swimmers after hot tubbing so you can have the luxury of hot tubbing without the worry of ruining your favorite swimmer. 
There you have it, 10 ways to make your swimsuit last longer! May you have many more beautiful beach vacations, hot tub sessions, and hot spring adventuring. Are you up for it all? Because your swimmers are!
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