#TheKJWomanIsGood // The Listening Ear Project

#TheKJWomanIsGood // The Listening Ear Project - Kortni Jeane

Meet Katie. She's the brains + magic behind The Listening Ear Project From the time she was young, she's always had a love for the elderly. As she worked with this special population in her nursing career, she came to know how vital the elderly are to our society and how much we can learn from their life experiences and wisdom.

She noticed that usually these sweet people just want someone to sit and talk with them, but that need is often overlooked due to busy schedules. She realized that she could provide all of the medication and treatments in the world, but what they really wanted was someone to listen.

She decided to be a listening ear for this generation and share their incredible stories that deserve to be heard. 

Watch her video here:
Kortni Jeane + Team

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  • Monica on

    Katie is one of the very best women I know. I’m so amazed by what she does and am happy you highlighted her!!

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