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#TheKJWomanIsGood // Kortni

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I look good feel good and do good with Kortni.

Kortni Jeane was started with a purpose more than just designing and selling swimwear. From the beginning I knew the world of swimsuits for women is one of the toughest. I wanted it to become a place of fun, comfort, and ENJOYABLE instead of dreaded. Nothing makes me happier than seeing women feel beautiful and confident in a swimsuit. When you allow yourself to be comfortable in your own skin, it shows on the outside and that my friends is true beauty.

I have had the pleasure of hearing so many of your stories. Of how you’ve overcome hardships, found your confidence, journey to loving yourself and taking care of yourself. It’s been heartwarming and clear that we as women need to uplift and encourage each other. We often compare and judge but where does that get us, who does it benefit? We can find so much strength when we choose to share and embrace one-another's gifts and differences.

As we’ve gotten ourselves off the ground it’s been amazing to have new opportunities open up to us. Over the past year we have been able to team up with Charity Vision in spreading their good work. We’ve hosted expeditions with them to go out and serve, held drives to raise money and trying to constantly share their story to create awareness for what they do. It’s been incredible the support we have received on this journey of spreading their message and being able to team up with them to restore eyesight around the world! My hopes? To be able to keep this a lasting relationship so that not only can they do more but we can meet and share experiences with more of you on future expeditions!

From helping others to taking care of ourselves to encouraging and empowering those around us to do the same, there are so many opportunities to take advantage around us to do good. We were all created different so why try to be something other than you?! When we embrace that we look good. When we allow ourselves the time to take care of our bodies we feel good. When we are presented with and seek out the opportunities to serve those around us we do good. And once we do this our community is strengthened and we become good.





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