The 2023 You

The 2023 You - Kortni Jeane
Wild how fast 2022 flew by right?! It was a fun year full of swimmers, sales, and local activities. But if you’re anything like us, we’re reflecting on how the year went and gearing up for 2023. The beautiful thing about a new year is the opportunity to turn things around and completely turn our lives upside down (in a good way). Anything is possible!  Today we’re talking about how you can create the right vibe for you in the coming year. Not quite like a New Years resolution, now’s the time to decide what your priorities will be and what kind of energy you want to sport for the new year! 
Choose What Works for You  
What kind of person do you want to be for the coming year? Fearless? Efficient? Trustworthy? Adventurous? Forgiving? Whatever you choose, decide now what works for you. Once you have a word or two that you want to focus on, make that your “vibe” for the new year. Everything you do, all the priorities you decide on, should somehow connect to these words. The most important thing to remember when choosing what works for you is to do + focus on what makes you happy.
Choose Priorities in These Areas
Once you have your vibe for the new year, it’s time to break things down into subcategories of priorities: spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, social, and professional. What priorities do you have in these areas for 2023? Do you want to try cold plunging? Do you want to take chances you never took? Do you want to hold a one minute plank? Maybe you want to pay off your car payment. Or would you like to go on date night every week? Do you want to quit your job and try something new? Whatever you want to accomplish or make a priority for 2023, write it down and have fun with it. 
Say goodbye to typical New Year's resolutions and hello to your 2023 vibe! Whether you want to be creative, compassionate, diligent, or more easy-going, it’s time to be and do what you want for the new year (and maybe the rest of your life). What vibe do you want to have for 2023? What priorities do you have for the new you? Let us know in the comments below!
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