Taking the Long Way Home

Taking the Long Way Home - Kortni Jeane
Sadly, the official summer swimmer season is over...
BUT don’t worry, even though fall is upon us here in Utah, we don’t need to be freaking out! You can still find that excuse to keep that swimmer out all year long.  
For those of you that live in Utah there are a few drives you can take to ease your way into the Fall season and watch those leave catch fire. If you want to see these routes in full glory you’ll have to be quick because the Fall season doesn’t last long!
  1. The Alpine Loop - This loop is roughly 20 miles and will take you on a winding path up through the trees that surround you completely. Feeling ambitious you can hop out of the car and climb to the top of Mount Timpanogos. It’s rough but we know you all could do it!
  2. Fishlake Scenic Byway - This is the road to take if you love to just get away for a little. You can be high in the Uintas exploring all day, but still make it back to Salt Lake in time to grab a bite to eat for dinner. It’s the perfect road trip if you don’t have time to actually leave the state.
  3. Ogden River Scenic Byway - This route has it all the scenery, the food, and the manmade attractions. On this route there are many stops you can make, such as Pineview Reservoir, Abbey of the Holy Trinity, Star Burgers at the Shooting Star Saloon. There are a few more you’ll have to go up yourself and explore to find!
  4. Logan Canyon - Many of you college students may know a friend that goes to Utah State... Now is the time to plan a visit just for an excuse to drive the canyon! For those of you who don’t know anyone at USU here are some excuses for you to take the trip: Jensen Historical Farm, Modern Cheese Factories. Want a challenge? Hike the summit of the Bear River Mountains to enjoy the view of the 20 mile long Bear Lake.

Last but not least here is your excuse to keep that swimmer out:

  1. Diamond Fork/ Fifth Water Hot Springs -These hot springs are not only the most pleasing to the eye but also perfect for the fall and winter weather. There are three different pools: a hot one, a very warm one and a cooler one. Hop on I-15 till you reach the US-6 exit. Drive up the canyon about 11 miles to the trailhead. This option requires hiking, but it’s worth it once you get to the hot springs. You’ll still have an excuse to show off that Kortni Jeane Swimmer even though summer is almost over.
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