Come As You Aren't Costume Ideas

Come As You Aren't Costume Ideas - Kortni Jeane

How to Pick a Halloween Costume

We all do it every year  we Google or search on Pinterest for Halloween costume ideas about a month in advance. We find a few ideas, put it off for a few weeks and it’s all of a sudden Halloween and you still don’t a costume! Here are a few ideas for you to toss around to get the ball rolling ahead of schedule:
  • A mermaid: We know a company that has cute suits you could use as your costume…

  • A comic book character or skeleton: guaranteed you have a friend who is good at makeup art that could help you pull this look off.
  • Where’s Waldo/Robber: the easiest outfit ever. Grab a black/red beanie, a black and white/red and white striped shirt, then throw some pants on and you’re good. If you’re feeling like being a little adventurous and want to put a little time into being a robber, grab a pillow case and add a money sign on the front.
  • Minions: Overalls were a huge trend this summer so chances are you or someone you know has some. Take the overalls, a yellow shirt and yellow construction hat with some black pipe cleaner on top. If your overalls are shorts you can even put on some yellow tights. Finish the look off with some black army boots and you’ll be good to go!
Let us know if we missed any simple ideas for the last minute Halloween party goer!

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