Find the Perfect Swim Top for a Bigger Bust

Find the Perfect Swim Top for a Bigger Bust - Kortni Jeane
We get it. Shopping for swimsuits can be so tricky! When it comes to different body shapes and sizes, nothing is quite as hard as finding a suit that perfectly fits you. Here at Kortni Jeane our goal is to create flattering, supportive and fun swimsuits that feel like they were custom made for each individual customer. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect swimmer.
One common issue we have found is customers trying to find a swimmer that fits a bigger bust. We have broken it down for you with which styles and why they work best for bigger busts. 
Find the perfect top for a bigger bust
If you have a larger bust size we do recommend ordering at least a medium top. From our current styles we recommend ordering one of the following tops: V-Neck top, Netted Sweetheart top, Tied Up Top, Swing Top, or V'D Crop top. These have been favorites for our customers with bigger busts! 
Tied Up Top, great for bigger busts
The Tied Up top has adjustable straps, which allows you to tie it as tight or as loose as you want. This top is also more covering in the front. With the ties at the bottom, you can also add more support by crossing and tying the straps in the back. You can see how to do so here
Netted Sweetheart top provide coverage and support for bigger busts
The Netted Sweetheart top has the most coverage of our tops. With the built in shelf bra, and thick netted straps, it allows maximum support and coverage.
V-Neck Top is not only flattering, but allows plenty of support for a bigger bust.
The V-Neck Top is very flattering while still being supportive with it's thick straps. 
The Swing Top great for bigger busts
The Swing Top  provides similar support as the Tied Up Top, but instead of tying around the neck, it has adjustable straps, tying at the shoulders. With the scoop front, it also gives lots of coverage.
If you ever have additional sizing questions, we would love to help! Email us at Make sure to take your measurements, so that we can help you with accuracy! 
Best of luck!
Kortni Jeane + Team


  • Nicole on

    Are you gonna have the The tied up top available soon in XL?

  • Louisa on

    I’m a size 14 and have a bra size of 42C. I find that none of the tops in xxl besides the off the shoulder one fit me on top and that has no support. Am I missing other plus sizes?

  • Jama L Vestergaard on

    Love the tied up top!

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