Take Your KJ Jellies Everywhere!

Take Your KJ Jellies Everywhere! - Kortni Jeane
 Where do you wear your Jellies?
At the beach? Running errands? Picnic's in the park? The KJ Jellies are made to go anywhere and everywhere! Because of their smooth Jelly material, they can easily be wiped or rinsed off. Even the suede bow is so easy to clean. It doesn't matter how dirty they get, in just a quick minute you can clean them to look as good as new. 
Not only are they easy to clean but can be bent real small without damage to store them away. As you can see in the video, you can easily throw them into a small wet bag or portfolio for easy transport without taking much room!
They are great to wear on a day you'll be out and about because you can count on them to be comfortable and cute! With the adorable pink color they match nearly everything, and bring just a little extra fun into your outfit.
Need a pair for yourself or a double to switch between (we sure have a few ourselves!) Check them out HERE
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  • Kayla bowser on

    These are super cute

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